The Bond Brief

May 3, 2013

Spring is Finally Here!!!

We have welcomed these first beautiful days of May with open arms! Our plants are growing well, we had a wonderful ACES/Jump Rope for the Heart, and the class has really accomplished a lot this week! As I look forward in May, I see a lot of birthdays on the calendar. In fact, I don't think I have ever, in my 14 years of being a teacher, had this many birthdays in one month. (I noticed this right away in September...when I created my Birthday Chart.) I did a bit of research on 9 months prior to May and see that it coincides with the Black Out of 2003! How interesting!!!!

Field Day will be May 23!

Our Week in Review

Literacy: Our poetry focus was on rhythm, imagery, and concrete poems. We read poems in groups, recorded poems on our devices, created shape poems, and drew pictures to go along with poems that had strong imagery. (Visualization) We also read passages and created summary poems. Next week the students will be creating summary poems from their Book Club books!

Writing: This week our primary focus was on publishing our creative stories. Some children will be bringing these home to work on. Many students chose to use Google Docs, which allows them to publish it anywhere there is wifi! We were able to borrow the 5th grade netbooks.

Science: We transferred our sprouting seeds into a container with water and nutrients. We will track their growth through the month.

Math: We focused on measurement this week. We learned about Volume, Mass, and Weight. We took our measurements of our bodies today and compared them to our Fall measurements. We also weighed many things in the classroom, including our devices. We also have enjoyed using our new digital math site called Moby Max. Perhaps your child can login this weekend and give you a tour! We have 8 students that have mastered their multiplication facts! Congrats Emma, Rook, Johnny, Lucas, Andy, Alyse, Nathan, and Nick!

Social Studies: We are beginning our government unit. Yesterday we talked about the purposes of government.

Word Study: Today we looked at our class activity use for Spelling City. Make sure you are logging in at least once a week to practice the words at home.

ACES Glengary Elementary

ACES and Jump Rope for Heart was AWESOME!

Structures of Life Unit: Plants and Animals

We have truly enjoyed getting to know the animals at the San Diego Zoo and the National Zoo in Washington, DC. We have observed them for several weeks now, both in the computer lab and in class. Yesterday we were able to compare the pandas at both zoos. Here is the Padlet page we created while observing one of the pandas. They are super cool to observe. I highly recommend that you take time to observe them for yourself. Feel free to even add to our padlet page. I have the National Zoo app on my iPad, and I have been observing them since February. We will continue to observe the animals and connect it to our Structures of Life Unit in Science. Next week we will be welcoming crayfish and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches to Team Bond! We will also begin to blog on our Diary of a Crayfish blog!

Here is the link to the National Zoo web cams:

Here is the link to the San Diego Zoo web cams:

Today we listened to a book from our Structures of Life textbook. It was about planting seeds in space. The story was set in the future in the year 2132. The kids wanted to know if plants could really grow in space, so I went onto the International Space Station site. I added 3 links on edmodo, one of which is a 3 minute video. Your child will get a special treat from me if he/she watches the video and sends me a direct message (meaning, he/she will type the answer in and direct the message to Jennifer Bond...instead of TeamBond2012) with the type of seeds that were taken up into space. It is a very interesting video to it is real footage from space! The answer needs to be posted by Monday morning.

EdCamp Detroit

I will be heading to Detroit early in the morning to take part in an awesome unconference called EdCamp Detroit. It is a free conference for all people interested in education, and people from all over the state, OH, and Ontario should be there! This is my 3rd year attending, and my 2nd year on the organization team. Check it out!

Lansing State Capitol Tour and Museum Field Trip

Tuesday, June 4th 2013 at 8am

Lansing, MI

The permission slip and information letter will be coming home on Tuesday. Make sure to check your child's backpack! We can only have 5 chaperones per class, so if you would like to be considered for one of the spots, please make sure your form is submitted the following day.