Benjamin Pleasant

For Republic of Texas President

Candidate for President for the Republic of Texas

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What are your plans on spending and Debt?

We should provide funding to train our military. I propose that we sale land to pay off our debt.

How are you planning to deal with the Native Texans?

Forming a better relationship with the Native Texans will benefit are Republic. The Native Texans can be our friends and allies. They are also familiar with the land and they know what food resources are available and which crops can be grown there. this benefits are people greatly.

How will you deal with a unruly army?

I want to provide good military leadership and training. I believe with proper training our military will be prepared to defend our Republic.

Mexico does not recognize you as an independent country, how will you deal with that?

I will go to war with Mexico with a well equipped Military, ready to battle!

What is your position on being annexed into the United States?

I think that Texas should be Annexed it the United States. As a result, of all citizens being taxed, revenue will increase greatly, and we could have a very large army and are economic status will greatly improve. We would be a greatly secured nation.

How will you deal with the issue of Slavery in Texas?

As President, slavery should be abolished, we need to establish a way to increase Revenue for the Republic through Taxation. Everyone , including former slaves , should be taxed, as a result are Revenue will greatly increase. This Revenue will be used to build the Republic, to train our Military, and to help us pay for Debt.

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I am here for the Republic of Texas!!!!