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May 10, 2019

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We appreciate our teachers!

I would like to thank the parent community for their outpouring of support for Teacher Appreciation Week! Each day, our teachers had a little something special to show our appreciation for all they do. We are very fortunate to have such a caring group of adults working with our children every day. On behalf of Center School, thank you for supporting this week of recognition!

A look at learning this week

Grade 5 Revolutionary War Celebrations

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Personalizing the Revolutionary War!

All of our students were excited to showcase their new learning through the celebrations held this week. Our fifth-grade students have been tackling complex nonfiction resources to learn about the Revolutionary War. Each student dove into a subtopic, becoming an expert on everything from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Students chose to take on the persona of key individuals, create dioramas, digital and trifold presentations, along with many other creative means to bring their extensive research and written work alive! We look forward to building on the success of this event and we are all proud of the hard work put forth by our students.
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Kindness and Caring at Center

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Flowers For Friends

We quickly sold out of our flowers donated by the always supportive Paul's & Sandy's! Parent volunteers and Student Council supported this sale with all proceeds being donated to local cancer research hospitals.
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Good Apple Nominations Open

To recognize the outstanding contributions of the many people who are helping to ensure that East Hampton Public Schools are "Educating for Excellence," the Good Apple Award was established and continues as a proud tradition of our district. ALL EMPLOYEES of the East Hampton Public Schools are eligible to receive a Good Apple Award.

If you are interested in completing a Nomination Form, use the link below and return to a School Principal by Monday, June 3. Thank you!

Spring Concert

The Center School Spring Concert is always a memorable event. Our student musicians take to the high school stage and showcase their amazing talent. Bringing together the 4th and 5th-grade band is an intricate process the amazing Mrs. Sprague coordinates!

With such a large amount of participation and community turnout, the band and chorus concert will be split into two events the evening of May 22.

Chorus: Arrive at the High School Auditorium at 5:45 PM - Concert begins at 6:00 PM

Band: Arrive at the High School Music Room at 6:30 PM - Concert begins at 6:45 PM

The time between the two shows will allow for the stage to be changed over and guests to enter and exit to allow seating for everyone.

Thank You to Mr. Yuscavage!

Mr. Benjamin Yuscavage completed his 8-week student teaching today with Mrs. Sprague. The Center School students and staff will miss his enthusiastic lessons and humor. Ben is graduating from Hartt Music School of the University of Hartford but will be back in 11 days to conduct both the 4th and 5th grade Bands in the concerts at Center and the High School. Fourth-grade students took a fabulous musical trip around the world in 5 music classes with Mr. Yuscavage. We wish him the best!

Senior Capstone

A senior at EHHS reached out with this wonderful idea, please read below and consider participating. Thank you!

I am Ethan Valencia, a senior at East Hampton High, and being in choir has been in my blood since I have walked the halls of Center School. My senior project, "Keep the Music Alive!", focuses on the transition from Center School Chorus to the EHMS Chorus all the way to the EHHS choirs and the many offerings the HS provides. My goal is to alleviate any stress that young students may have about the transition to other choirs by answering questions parents and students may have via a Q&A video to hopefully encourage continued participation. Mr. Brown and I created a Google Form to be sent out to parents so that it can spark the conversation with their child about going to middle school and continuing music in their secondary education.

At the bottom of this email is the link to the Google Form. I will read the questions anonymously and create a video to be played to the students at their rehearsal on Thursday, May 23rd

Willy Wonka Performance

Prepare for Our 3rd Author Visit!

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Notes From the Nurse

Getting Close to the End of the Year--------- News from the Nurse

To all parents/guardians:

- Please pick up any medications/supplies (contact lenses, lotion) prior to 6/17/19. Per district policy, any medications/supplies that are not picked up, will be discarded one week from that date.

- Only parents/guardians are permitted to transport medications to and from school. Medications cannot be sent home with students.

- If your child will require medication(s) for next school year, please have their physician complete a permission form this summer, which you must also sign. This includes ALL prescription and OTC medications. If your child had a medication(s) for school this year, I recently sent you a new blank form in the mail. More blank forms can be obtained at any school or at your child’s doctors’ office for any new medications.

-Grade 5 parents only…..Your child will be required by state regulations to have a physical, on a blue form, sometime after this school year ends and before they enter 7th grade.

v If you have any questions or concerns about your child and their medical issues, please stop in and see me prior to the end of school this year or at the beginning of school next year. A new nurse will be in the office a few days before the students return to school.

Thanks for a great last year with your children!

Judy A Sanborn RN

Center School Nurse

EHPS Nursing Supervisor

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Please visit - Twitter: @ehepto

Facebook: PTO East Hampton Elementary

Next Meeting: Monday, May 13 6:00 PM @ Memorial School

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Important Upcoming Events

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Download our breakfast and lunch menus for May

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