Sacred Heart School

Week of May 16

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Staff Meeting

Monday, May 16th, 3:30pm

Ms. Barnett's Room

Bring your thoughts about summer homework and class lists!

Performance Series Testing begins

Monday, May 16th, 8am

Your room

Thank you all for waiting to begin testing until this week! I appreciate all you've done for our kids.

We should be ready to go. If you have any questions, please let me know! Make sure your rooms are prepped for testing, you have 2 proctors, and your kiddos are ready. After testing, email Ms. Heil a little report about how it went!

Early Childhood Exhibition of Learning

Thursday, May 19th, 8am


Early Childhood will be setting up an Exhibition of Learning in the theater to demonstrate all the work they have done over the past several months. The exhibition will be open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The theater will be unavailable on both Thursday and Friday. We will send students to classrooms in the morning and dismiss from classrooms in the afternoon.

Let me know if you have questions!

Field Day

Friday, May 20th, 8am

Hains Point, Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

Friday is FIELD DAY! We will send out permission slips tomorrow (Monday). We will also ask students to select a hot dog or a hamburger for lunch. (Office will send a sheet around for you to record answers on). Cost of trip is $10. Some kids have chosen to pay with OSP money. Send all money to office with kid's name in an envelope.

We'll go over the schedule at the staff meeting tomorrow!

Here are the class colors -

Pk3: Pink
Pk4: Yellow
K: Purple
1st: Light Blue
2nd: Dark Blue
3rd: Orange
4th: Green
5th: Red
6th: White
7th: Grey
8th: Black

A few sunday jokes!

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