Kinder Cubs Newsletter

Week Thirteen: December 7 - December 11

Weekly Curriculum

This week, Kindergarten will focus on elements of a story and poetry during ELA. We will begin by defining and discussing the elements of fiction and nonfiction stories. We will compare and contrast two stories. We will move on to learn more about poetry. Every student will work on their own piece of winter poetry by the end of the week.

During our Math times, we will introduce tally charts and bar graphs. Math manipulatives will be helpful in practicing this concept. Please keep in mind that math manipulatives can be anything from Legos to Counting Cubes to Cheerios!

On Friday, we will be having a Grinch Day with a fun day full of Grinch activities for ELA and Math. As part of our Grinch day celebrations, your child can come in their greenest attire to class on Friday.

During asynchronous learning times, we will encourage your child to practice previously introduced content using the resources below. We have included these for you as well if you would like to review these concepts with your child. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Last but not least, we want to reinforce our mantra of the power of play. Kindergarten is a time of great academic development. It is also a time when children form and solidify connections with their peers, develop social skills, and strengthen their ability to communicate their observations and thoughts. Play is an integral part of our day, as it nurtures social and emotional development. During this week at home, we encourage the balance of academic development with social and emotional development through play.


Sight Words Flash Cards

Print these out to practice at home!

Alphabet Arch

We use this in class! Your child is able to use the alphabet with visuals or one without for a challenge.

Beginning Sound Sorting Activity

Print out for your child to cut out and sort independently or with your help.

Big picture


Big picture

Materials Needed

  • Lined paper
  • Pencil
  • Folder
  • Counting cubes or chips (these could be subbed for Legos, etc.)
  • Hundreds chart

Counseling with Mrs. Sheeran

This week, all Kindergarten classes will have Library with Ms. Saenz.

Ms. Burbridge's Class: Thursday at 10am

Mrs. Ciampi's Class: Tuesday at 10am

Mrs. Essenburg's Class: Tuesday at 1pm

Ms. Spalla's Class:

Counseling Lesson takes place on your Teacher's normal Zoom.


We are looking forward to meeting with you for Fall Parent Teacher Conferences!

Please use the Zoom link found on Sign Up Genius to meet with your teacher during your scheduled time.

Scholastic Book Fair

Dear Families,

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Friendly Reminders

We look forward to being back to on-campus learning this week. All Kindergarten classes will begin individual assessments this week, so small group times will be placed on a brief pause. Assessments are most successful in a calm and quiet environment where your child can independently work with their teacher. We appreciate your support!

Please let us know if you have any questions or just want to chat.

Thank you,

Ms. Burbridge, Mrs. Ciampi, Mrs. Essenburg and Ms. Spalla