Three in Two

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This week: Social Bookmarking

"Close reading" and "group collaboration" are two phrases cropping up frequently in education conversations. How about combining the two ideas through social bookmarking tools? While traditional bookmarks reside on a single machine within a browser, social bookmarking allows sharing among a group of users and offers them tools like tagging, annotating and highlighting on a "favorite" webpage.
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from the website: "Build your personal library in the cloud... ready to be accessed anywhere. [T]hose digital highlights, sticky notes and screenshots you added while going around the web automatically go into your library." Bookmarklet available.

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From the website: "It's easy to build up a collection of links, essentially creating your own personal search engine. It's quick to organize your links so that when you’re looking for something, you can find it within seconds."

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From the website: "Over 1 million professionals use to discover, curate and publish great content to develop their visibility online, demonstrate thought leadership, generate leads or educate their audience." Sounds complicated but it's not!