Once A King Always A King


Once A King Always A King takes place in Chicago,IL during the present. The main conflict of the story that Rey wants to change and leave his gang,drug,sex-life he had before.

Character Analysis

The main character in the book is Reymundo Sanchez(Rey). Three words to describe the main character are nice, strong, and a drug addict. The character is motivated to change because he wants to prove people wrong and he wants to leave his old horrible life he had, also he was really interested in poetry and writing poetry . I like the main character because he doesn't wanna keep living his gang life and wants to change but i dislike that he got into a gang and some other bad choices he did. The relationship between Rey and his mother is not good. His mother didn't care about Rey. It seemed like he had no parents because they always abused him. She was also the reason why Rey joined a gang and started with drugs and getting into bad things.


The theme of the novel is that people should get away from all the drugs, gangs and bad things. They should focus more on their education because life is more than just drugs, and alcohol and gangs. One example that supports the theme is that its very dangerous getting yourself involved in gangs. Rey almost got himself killed just by trying to avoid and leave the gang. Another example is drugs and gangs will get you nowhere in life. A third example from the book is that Rey's situation ended up really bad that he had to move to a whole new different state because of the gang. A final example that supports the theme is that education will help you in life. Rey kept on educating himself and went to classes and soon helped him get a good job from there he moved on to higher paying jobs.


Between 1 and 10 i would rate the book a 10. I give this book this rating because its a very interesting and good book. I have never read a book this good it is now one of my favorites i have read. It catches your attention as soon as you start the book. Teens would be able to relate to this novel because its about someone who was in a gang and shows you how they lived. It will make teens realize that its not a good idea to be in a gang. It will also make them think twice before getting into one or doing bad things. As the character Rey said "Once you're in a gang. You can never leave the gang."
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