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The clans


The mayas lived in the Mexican Peninsula around the year 800 AD. They are greatly known for USING the Olmec calendar. Some of the domesticated animals the Mayans had were turkeys and dogs, and when these animals were no longer of use they ate them. The reason they ate these animals is because they had dry and infertile land.


The known life span of the olmecs was from 1400 BC to 100 BC, by living on the Golf of Mexico filled with river valleys. One of the greatest achievements the olmecs accomplished by the Olmecs is creating the Olmec calendar with 360 days.

Incas and Aztecs

Incas lived in South America in Cuzco, PerU. Incas have been around 1438 when the Inca Ruler conquered lands around Cuzco until the Spaniards arrived in 1532. Even while having andean terrain and weather, they domesticated Alpacas and Llamas. They kept them selves alive by eating unusual things like Guinea Pigs, they ate other thing such as meat and milk. The Incans paved roads to be used for communication, army troops and trade.

There isn't much information of the Aztecs other that they have been around since 1325, and they lived in the center of Mexico in Tenochtitlan. They're main source, just like Mayas ate useless dogs and other animals but mostly dogs. They also sacrificed people to "keep the sun shining" according to their Gods, they killed over 800,000 people. Some Aztecs thought that giving beating hearts to their gods would give them light for their crops and another day.

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