Ben Franklin

Inventions of Ben Franklin and his life and contributions

Ben Franklins life

Ben was born in Boston January 17, 1706. His fathers name was Josiah Franklin and his mothers name was Abiah Folger. Ben loved to read but his parents weren't wealthy enough to pay for school. Ben helped his brother James who was a printer with selling products on the streets. Ben loved writing letters but new is brother would never publish them in his newspaper, so Ben started writing letters at night and would sneak them under the door for his brother to find but never knew it was Ben. James would start publishing the letters without knowing who wrote them. People started to want to know who the real Silence Dogood. After 16 letters Ben confessed to his brother that it was him even though James was impressed with the letters he was jealous and scolded Ben. Ben left England after a smallpox outbreak and took a boat to New York, where he hoped to find work as a printer. In 1729 Ben bought a newspaper himself, not only did he print the work of the newspaper he also contributed some of his work into the newspaper. Ben thrived at work. Ben helped launch projects that helped pave and clean the streets of Philadelphia. In 1749 he retired from printing and started to pay attention to science. Ben had already invented heat efficient stove, swim fins and more. In the early 50s he started to turn to the study of electricity. Ben's invention of the kite experiment that verified the nature of electricity brought Ben international fame. In Franklins older years he began to get into to get into the political scene. Ben died on April 17 1790 20,000 people attend is funeral.

Ben's inventions

Ben Franklin had very many helpful inventions to people.

-Bifocals, doubled spectacles which helped see distant objects

-Electricity,Ben didn't invent electricity but he discovered many things about it that weren't known before him and his research

-lightning rod, he invented this to protect homes from the destructive forces of lightning

-Franklin stove, this invention provided more heat and less smoke for families it would radiate heat all around the room when it was placed in the middle of the room.

Franklin had many more inventions that helped the people and the world.

Ben's contributions to America

Ben was responsible for many breakthroughs in numbers of fields. He invented light and warmth for man American people and others in other countries. He helped people with very bad eye-site buy inventing glass with two lenses instead of to help things to be more clear. Ben is recognized as a founding father of America. Ben was always looking for everyone to have peace and independence.

Ben's Poor Richards almanac

Ben wrote very known and meaningful sayings in his almanac. Look before, or you'll find yourself behind, Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead, Whats given shines. These and just some of the many sayings he used while writing. His wisdom was showed when he would write things that had a meaning, Speak with contempt of none, from slave to king The meanest Bee hath, and will use, a sting. A true friend is the best possession. Franklin new how to write but he also new to put in his wisdom and opinion and still make it interesting to others.

Ben Franklin short biography