U.S. and Canada

by Matt Jass


Canada and the U.S. are one of the largest trading relationship in the world.the trade makes a lot opputinities for jobs and holds a lot of jobs now.The largest most important things that are traded are natural resources,vehicals,mechaniary, plastic and special others.Trade is the biggest relationship they have.
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Most of the people in both countries are white as saying there from the continent of Europe.In Canada its 75% and in the U.S its 74% .The us and canada are friends, allies. they share the same interest.they are like two friends.The United States is also like a big brother.Canada most important sercurity defence partner is the United States.Every day about 300,000 people cross the border to trade face to face.the two countries hold a lot of the same cultures and the things that the do.
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The both nations are federal system of government.They both divide power between states or provinces.People in both countries hold the power in by electing representatives in what they believe.One thing they interact together as allies. They are strong allies.They have plans for security and the trade that goes in and out their countries.