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March 21 - Week 32

Upcoming Events


  • 3/21 - World Down Syndrome Day --Crazy Socks and Pink
  • 3/21 - 5th to 6th Orientation - 6:30 to 8:30pm (SPED & QuEST at 6:00pm)
    Bugbee, Charter Oak, Morley & Whiting Lane
  • 3/22 - Department Supervisors Mtg - Bldg - 8:30 to 10am
  • 3/23 - CSI - Department
  • 3/23 - Midfest Rehearsal at KP
  • 3/24 - 7th Grade LL Author Skype - James Preller
  • 3/24 - Bridge Parent Presentation - 7 to 8pm
  • 3/25 - Good Friday - No school
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Lead Learner Recap

A principal colleague, Ben Gilpin, wrote a blog recently titled "The Ides of March?" and his thoughts resonated with me as we approach this point in the school year. While the phrase "Beware the Ides of March" from the soothsayer to Julius Ceasr about his impending death is one that holds negative connotations, it can be a useful for us as enter this part of the school year. With 28% of the year left (just 53 days), the road ahead may seem difficult as we consider what still must be taught, address behaviors that we believe should have long been mastered, and continue to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of partnerships with parents/colleagues. Spring Break becomes a welcome reprieve - that seems too far away - just to catch our breath. Believe me, I feel it too. However, we don't have to stay in this single story.

This time of challenge can be a great opportunity to dig deep and remember that we MATTER and what we do MATTERS. It's an opportunity to check our mood meters and activate the right strategies to shift our mood to keep us fired up and teaching/leading like pirates. It is an opportunity to go back to our school charter and consider how we are living it out for ourselves and to others in our community. It is an opportunity to run this last leg with ferocious intensity so that we run through the finish line with hands held high in victory. Yes, it is March but that just means we have more of an opportunity to practice our wellness, engage our community and support/drive student success.

Zumba at KP! - Practice Wellness!

Tuesdays 3-4pm starting 3/22 in the small cafe. Classes are $12 or $100 for a punch card (10 classes). Punch card does not expire so they will be good next year! Come ready to dance!!

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March 30 CSI

If you haven't selected your workshop choices for 3/30 CSI - please take a moment now to complete . 3/30 CSI - sign up - You can sign up for two sessions of the same workshops if you want more time to create. This is an opportunity to learn a new tool with the hope that you will use this new tool sometime during the remainder of the school year. Any questions email Denise .

Denise deMello

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Baby Arrival Congratulations to Ashley Carlson and her husband Erik

They welcomed Adaline Marie Carlson on Friday, 03/18/16, at 10:06 pm (6 lbs 8 ounces, 17 1/2 inches long). Mom and baby are doing well.

Meta Moment

How a parent used the Meta-Moment to calm down | GreatSchools

Things Noticed . . .

  • Special needs students expressing themselves in new and meaningful ways

  • Students describing dishes they would find in a restaurant in Spanish and sharing cultural dishes.

  • Students in keyboarding using mobile devices to differentiate the application of their skills

  • Teachers holding high expectations for student behaviors without sacrificing scaffolds and necessary support

  • School Counselors not giving up on helping students develop a growth mindset

  • Students identifying ways build a positive school climate between teachers and students

  • APs working furiously to use data to create interventions and supports with team teachers

You're a GEM

  • Ed D'Addio from colleague Justin Gusy for going above and beyond to support a student.
  • Mei-Ling Caldera from colleague Justin Gusy for taking on the responsibility to organize a fun, safe Friday afternoon events for our sixth grade students.
  • Monique Heavren from colleague Justin Gusy for her deep caring and problem solving orientation towards safe school concerns.
  • Cynthia Asal, Marty Keena, Mike Flaherty, Ellen Sutherland from colleague Joy for supporting our RULER efforts by attending last week's conference to help us understand more fully that #EmotionsMatter.
  • Marisa Tamayo from colleague Justin Gusy for her extraordinary efforts to support a family and a student through a challenging situation.
  • Susanne Torcasio from colleague Justin Gusy for her behind the scenes contributions to ensure the the 8th Grade Sci CMT ran as smoothly as possible.
  • Justin Gusy, Erin Rauseo and Nancy Salvatore from colleague Joy for offering to take something off of a my very full plate. I really appreciate it.
  • Sue Martucci from colleague Cindy Rodriguez for always being so thoughtful of fellow teachers. Sue has volunteered to take other people's bus duties several times this year. She has stepped in, without hesitation, for people who have been sick (me) or pregnant (Ashley Carlson and Johannah Kosienski). Thank you, Sue, for always being so kind and generous!
  • Justin Gusy from colleagues Joy and Marc for coordinating a seamless administration of the CMTs.
  • Katie Pearson from the Sapphire teachers. Katie worked really hard to arrange and organize the Sapphire shelter dinner, all while facing one obstacle after the next. Our team is very thankful for her hard work and dedication!

  • Maria Marchese and Marisa Tamayo from admin colleagues for your coordination of our school wide food drive and movie night celebration.

Passing of the Rocks

Laura Swenson is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Joe Ganci for helping to keep the halls of KP and beyond filled with music.

Kathy Condon is passing the Staff Wellness Rock to Tom Tallard. Thank you Tom, for being our watchman here at KP. You greet everyone as they enter the building, making them feel welcome. As we, staff and students, walk by you during the day you say hi. Being safe in our school makes us all feel well.

Shoshana LaPointe is passing the Student Success Rock on to Margie Scobbo. Students are always excited to go to Spanish class because Margie plans engaging and exciting lessons and activities for her students. Margie creates activities that encourage student participation in Spanish. Students always leave her class with a wealth of knowledge! Margie puts her students first and makes sure that they have the necessary skills to communicate in the target language. Margie is definitely committed to student success!!

Discipline Conversation Resources

2 blogs/articles to Inspire

Great Podcast on belief as a Teacher's Tool (9min)

2 Cool Videos

Using Technology to Connect with Students- One Teacher's Story (3 min)

Google Forms a teacher/student connection

Love that KP teachers plan and Instruct with this advice in Mind (2min)

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

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