Small and Mighty

MaryKate metler 4&5

Analysis and the Development of Theme

Max is very large, clumsy, fast, defensive, he has a mental disability known as dyslexia, he is not very smart and goes to a L.D class. The book says "I never had a brain until freak came along."-pg 1. Freak is small and has a Physical disability. His heart and insides grow faster than his outsides, He uses crutches and a brace. He is extremely smart, the book says "He is a genius and I don't use that term lightly."-pg 145. The setting where Freak most displays Mightiness is at the Testaments. The Testaments are old, smelly, burned, and almost all broken. Freak is the brain and max is the brawn. Freak is very small but he is mighty in a different way, this way is smartness.

Reflection and Application of theme

I think the author developed the theme well. I do agree that Just because you are small doesn't mean you are not mighty. I agree because freak is small but he was mighty by using his words and brain to save max. I also agree because freak got max and him out of trouble when they had to go to the principals office or when they ran into tony. D. I think if the author could have emphasized it a little more it would have been more interesting. I think this is like our generation because the small people feel powerless. Also a lot of small people are very persuasive and smart of have a different kind of power. So in a way everyone has there own kind of mighty.

"I never had a brain until freak came along" -freak the mighty

"he is a Guinness and I don't use that term lightly" -Freak The Mighty


Freak moved into Max's neighborhood, He has a physical disability. Max and freak start to hangout often and develop a friendship with each other. Killer Kane gets out of prison. Max gets kidnapped on Christmas eve by his dad Killer Kane. Freak saves max from killer Kane. On freaks birthday he has a seizure and has to go to the hospital. Freak dies because heart got to big for his body. Max goes into mourning.