Week 11: March 30 - April 3

French I - Spring 2015

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Welcome to Week 11! Read below for more information about each course! All assignments are due Friday, April 3!

Traditional Block:
This week Traditional students will finish work in Unit 6: Les Endroits and begin Unit 7: La Famille. Students will now learn vocabulary for the family and begin a project comparing French and American holiday traditions. Assignments due this week include:

1. Les Endroits, Section 3 Quiz

2. Les Endroits, Unit Exam

3. La Famille, Project 1B

4. La Famille, TPR Quiz

5. La Famille, Discussion 1D

6. La Famille, Project 1F

7. La Famille, Writing 1G

8. La Famille, Section 1 Quiz

9. La Famille, Writing 2C

Year Long:

Students in YL courses will finish work in Unit 8: La Cuisine and begin work in Unit 9: Les Passetemps. Students will begin by learning new vocabulary to express what they like to do in their free time. Assignments due this week include:

1. La Cuisine, Section 3 Quiz

2. La Cuisine, Unit Exam

3. Les Passetemps, TPR Quiz

4. Les Passetemps, Discussion 1E

This week is an off-week for progress reports. The next progress report will be posted next Tuesday, April 7.
Live sessions this week will cover Units 6 and 7. Note that this is the last session being offered on Unit 6. If students were unable to attend a session for a particular unit in the past, or if they cannot attend a session for the current unit, they need to contact their instructors.

* Wednesday, April 1 @ 10am w/ Mme Mary Hansbrough (Unit 7)
* Wednesday, April 1 @ 8pm w/ Mme Karen Miller (Unit 6)

Note that while the course calendars for Traditional and Year-Long courses do not align, students may choose to attend any live session of their choosing. Students are also welcome to attend more than one session for extra practice! Students need to log in with both first and last name to ensure they receive credit for attendance. Those who phone in using the teleconference option need to identify themselves to the instructor presenting so their attendance is documented!

Best Practices

We're past the halfway point now, but we're not finished yet! It's time to reorganize and refocus for the second quarter. Below are some best practices of things students should continue doing daily for this course:

* READ ANNOUNCEMENTS! - Number 1 of what we call the "Super 3." Announcements contain a LOT of important information including deadlines, extra credit opportunities, and INSTRUCTION! Because instructors often post more than one announcement, it is important that students scroll down to the last announcement that they've read, and then read each announcement above that one, from bottom to top. If students are not reading announcements (and not scrolling to make sure they've read them ALL) they're missing some IMPORTANT information!

* CHECK GRADES/FEEDBACK! - The second of the "Super 3" - reading feedback is an integral part of the learning process. In order to learn, students need to know what they are doing well, what they need to fix, and how. Not only can they benefit from learning from their mistakes, oftentimes instructors will allow them to resubmit an assignment for additional credit if they misunderstood directions or simply did not perform well. ALWAYS CHECK FEEDBACK! Here is a video which is posted in the course under the "How Do I?" link to help navigate the grade center: http://www.screencast.com/t/0Z59XyvO

* CHECK MESSAGES! - The final third of the "Super 3" - each week instructors send students a messages welcoming them to a new week, informing them of the new week's assignments, giving deadlines, and other important information. As need arises, instructors may send messages to some or all students. Check messages to be in the know!

***It is recommended that students establish a routine upon logging in to complete the "Super 3" before beginning work each day!***

* TAKE NOTES/STUDY! - Just like a face-to-face class, students NEED to take notes on course material and students need to STUDY outside of "class". Practice each evening. Even if it's for as little as 15 minutes, the extra practice WILL pay off. Students should keep a notebook to organize notes and practice activities.

* SUBMIT WORK! - During the school year we cover one unit every week to two weeks, which amounts to about 8-9 assignments. To make deadlines and avoid getting zeros students need to average about 2 assignments each day during the week. If they can do more, fantastic, but they shouldn't rush through work or skip around! It's super important that students complete work in order so that you don't miss vital information.

* Maintain Regular Contact with Instructor! - One of the key factors in student success is a good, working relationship between student and teacher! In the absence of face-to-face interaction, it's imperative that students maintain regular contact with their teachers via phone, text, IM, course message or email. The teacher is the first point of contact for any issue, be it technical or content-related. Teachers and walk students through technical trouble-shooting, answer questions about assignments, or meet students online for one-on-one in depth review. Teachers will of course reach out to students as well, but if you're struggling, don't wait to hear from your teacher!

* Attend Live Sessions! - The NCVPS World Language Department is proud of our live session offerings as we believe this live interaction with students is what sets us apart from other online programs. The live classroom setting allows students to interact with an NCVPS instructor and fellow students in real time to practice new skills. Students are also encouraged to ask questions. NCVPS instructors are happy to offer extra review of past or current topics, or to expand on a course concept to indulge a student's curiosity.

* Complete Extra Credit! - Since foreign language requires so much reinforcement, instructors will often offer small extra credit opportunities to students in announcements to encourage students to practice their new skills. Pay attention to announcements in your course to learn what you can do for extra credit! Students can also attend Culture Café sessions for extra credit. See the Culture Café link in Bb for more information.

* Use the PTC! - The Peer Tutoring Center is an excellent resource that is available to students at all times! Students can access the PTC through the link in Bb, as well as chat with Peer Tutors on Bb IM! Students can also benefit from the Virtual Buddy Program, which pairs students with a PTC volunteer to help them with time-management and staying on track.

Cases of Culture Clash

Sections 1 & 2 - Mme Claire Driscoll

"Je m'appelle Madame Driscoll. Voici ma famille. J'ai un mari (husband). Il s'appelle T.J. et il est avocat (attorney). J'ai deux fils. Le premier s'appelle Tripp. Il a quatre ans. Il adore jouer et regarder la télévision. Le deuxième s'appelle Crocker. Il a un an. Il est toujours très heureux (happy). Les deux sont super actifs! C'est ma famille."

Sections 3 & 4 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"Nous sommes quatre (4) dans la famille Padgett. Je suis blonde et grande, et j'adore cuisiner, voyager, et lire. Mon mari (husband) s'appelle Rett, il est grand et brun, et il aime regarder les sports, surtout les équipes de Wake Forest. Mon fils (son) Benton a sept (7) ans. Il est petit et intelligent. Il aime nager et il aime regarder Phineas et Ferb. Mon fils (son) Alden a quatre (4) ans. Il est blond et actif. Il aime compter avec les numéros et il aime apprendre les lettres de l'alphabet."

Section 5 - Mme Melissa Harrelson

"Voici ma famille! J'ai un mari (husband) , deux filles, deux beau-fils (son-in-laws) , et deux petit-fils (grandsons). Mon mari s'appelle Jerry et il travaille à Guilford College. Ma fille ainée (oldest daughter), s'appelle Avery. Elle a trente-neuf ans (39 yrs old). Avery et son mari habitent à Asheville and ils ont deux fils qui s'appellent Thompson et William. Thompson aime faire un vélo et il participe dans beaucoup de cours de bicyclette (bike races). Il aura neuf ans en décembre. (will be 9). William a commencé jouer au soccer (began to play) cette automne. Il aura cinq ans (will be 5) en novembre. Mon autre fille s'appelle Graham et elle a trente-cinq ans (35 yrs old). Graham et son mari travaillent à Manhattan. Ils ont habité à Manhattan pour douze ans (lived in Manhattan for 12 yrs), mail il ont emménagé juste (just moved) à Greenwich, CT en septembre, et maintenant, ils vont au travail en train (go to work by train now)."

Section 6 - Mme Karen Miller

"Je vous présente ma famille! Mon mari (husband) s'appelle Robert. Il bâtit toutes sortes d'immeubles commerciaux et résidentiels. Sa fille (his daughter), ma belle-fille (my step-daughter) s'appelle Madison. Elle aura neuf ans le mois prochain. (will be 9 next month). Elle adore My Little Pony et Taylor Swift. Notre fils (our son) a deux (2) ans. Son anniversaire est le onze novembre (11/11/11! :) Il aime Team Umi Zoomi et les trains (trains), les voitures (cars) et les avions (airplanes). Nous avons aussi un petit chien (dog) qui s'appelle Ella. Elle est un pug. Ella a huit ans (8)."

Section 7 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"Voilà ma petite famille. Nous sommes trois (3). Je suis grande, blonde, et intelligente. Mes fils (sons), ce sont des jumeaux (twins), ont dix-huit (18) ans. Isaac et Nathan sont grands aussi. Ils sont blonds et comiques. Ils aiment le football américain et ils jouent pour leur lycée (high school). Moi, je nage et je lis beaucoup. J'aime beaucoup nager."

Section 8 - Mme Mary Hansbrough

"Il a y trois personnes (three people)dans ma famille- mon mari (husband), Larry, ma fille (daughter), Jordan, et moi. Larry est brun, sportif et très intelligent (brunette, sportive and smart)! Je suis assez grande, sportive, et blonde (tall, sportive and blonde). Notre fille, Jordan, a 24 ans. Elle fait ses études (studies) à Emory Law School. Elle est aussi sportive, très drôle (funny) et très aimable (loveable). Nous avons deux chiens (two dogs), Terp qui a presque 8 ans et Nikki qui a 4 ans. En plus, nous avons un chat (cat) qui s'appelle Squeaky.

Notre famille aime jouer aux sports et regarder les sports (likes to play and watch sports). Nous aimons voyager (travel), diner aux restaurants, et regarder des films (watch movies). Mais surtout, nous aimons nous amuser ensemble (have fun together)."