The Naturalization Process & Aliens

By Carly Morgan and Sawyer Mahaffey

The Naturalization Process

The 3 steps to the Naturalization process

  • Beginning the process
  • Interview and Examination
  • Oath of Allegiance

Beginning the process

  • Aliens who want to become United States citizens must first sign a statement saying just that. This declaration of Intention is then filed with the U.S citizenship and Immigration services and agency for the national government.

Interview and Examination

  • The alien has an interview with a USCIS official
  • Agency officials want to be sure that the alien has met the necessary requirements and is of good moral character.
  • The applicant must also take a citizenship exam that consists of questions about reading, writing, and speaking english and basic facts about the history and government of the United States.

Oath of Allegiance

  • If the applicant is granted, the final step in Naturalization is attending a ceremony and pledging an oath of Allegiance.
  • The alien swears to be loyal to this country above all others, to obey the Constitution and other laws, and to perform military or other duties if needed.
  • Then the person signs a document and is declared a citizen of the United States.

Ways to lose citizenship

  • Denaturalization
  • Expatriation
  • Punishment for a crime

Compare/Contrast Illegal and legal Aliens

  • Illegal aliens don't have a citizenship card they just basically come over and don't have to pay taxes. Legal aliens they go through the long process of becoming a citizen even if they get turned down.
  • Illegal aliens fear that they could be deported back to Mexico or where every they came from. Legal aliens don't have to worry because they know they have the right to live there because they are true citizens.
  • Illegal and legal aliens both come from the same country and get here the same way.