PFES - Board Report

November 17, 2020

November Activities and Accomplishments

  • I completed 8 teacher observations this past month. Each observation includes a post-observation conference. I also started an Educator Effectiveness Support Group which meets monthly. This is a volunteer group that is designed to be a share shop style and help with keeping teachers on track to complete their Educator Effectiveness work. The purpose of the work is always focused on helping teachers learn strategies to be more effective in the classroom. This process is designed and works best as collaborative effort.
  • The number of virtual students in the PFES increased from 34 to 37 this past month.
  • Planning for a video Christmas music video is in the works.
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Playground Covid Safety Plan Adjustment

Our plan included limiting the number of children in each zone of the playground. This allowed for kids in a grade level to get at least a little friend time with kids outside their own individual classroom. In an effort to increase safety, we have adjusted the plan to have children stay within their own classroom on a rotating schedule for each zone. This will increase our COVID safety and allow us to maintain the important physical activity that happens on a playground. The blue flags on the left side are intended to help the students and the recess supervisors manage the zones. There are different colored flags that mark each zone.

Veterans Day Display Competition

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Associated Bank held a competition between branches for Veterans Day. ThePark Falls Elementary Kindergarten display won!! Thanks to our awesome kindergarten students! With this win we will be donating 100 dollars to our local VFW. So very exciting!!

Thank you again!

District Safety

Principals organized building fire tabletop drills this past week. The focus was to talk about all the safety plans that are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible in many situations. I am hearing about increased anxiety in our kids which is why I encouraged this focus. We are safe in school!