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First Book of the Year: The Seed

New from Jon Gordon, the international and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Energy Bus, The Seed takes you on a quest for the meaning and passion behind work. Josh, an up-and-comer at his company, is disenchanted with his job. Challenged by his boss to take two weeks to decide if he really wants to work there, Josh takes off for the country, where he meets a wise farmer who gives him a seed and a promise: find the right place to plant the seed, and his purpose will be revealed.

Through Josh's cross-country journey, you'll find surprising new sources of wisdom and inspiration in your own business and life.

Nobody captures the deeper meaning of business like Jon Gordon, and The Seed is his most searching and significant book yet. Take this insightful look at the purpose behind work, and plant The Seed of inspiration in your life!

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