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Lightning and Thunder, Funny Voxes, Laughter, and Answering the Phone Really Stupidly

Last night in bed, Lydia was voxing Martha Petrusevich. A big flash of lightning flashed all of the sudden. Lydia waved at the window, then laughed.

Seconds later a huge crash of thunder just about made us jump out of our skin. It literally sounded like someone was banging around in the shower, right above us.

Lydia (in a slightly quavering voice that was trying to be normal again) "That kind of startled me!"

"I think it started raining again." I told Lydia, so she put her phone on the bed and sat up to shut off the window fan. I wanted to lie down again, so I picked up her phone to move it, and apparently pushed some for button, so I said to the phone, "Excuse you?!"

"What did you just do?" Lydia asked.

"I don't know." I said, and then realized that the phone was recording to send another vox, so I quickly pushed the button to stop it recording. And then it sent itself to Martha.

I was so embarrassed, but glad that it was her and not some of the other people that know me better. I mean, Martha is Martha.

The vox went something like this: ".......(various static-y noises)..........Excuse you?...............I don't know........"

Oh my! We laughed so hard!

And then Joshua sent us a text, 'is it surprising that woke me up?'

Lyd: ':) no. The laughter or the thunder? :)'

Josh: 'Haha. The thunder.'

Lyd: ':) Well, Dorcas just sent this really funny vox to Martha...'

I think I'm kind of in the habit of doing funny things. Just the other day, I called Daddy and when he answered, I said, "Hello Daddy, this is Dorcas Lichtenberger speaking..." I REALLY felt stupid! Like, hello and no duh Dorcas!!!

People have been getting good mileage out of that one.

The lady folk went over to Lois's to plan meals for the cabin. Rick came in toward the last and the subjects started to veer from meals a little. You know how Rick is.

Well, I just felt like writing a little...And thought I'd share it with you. I should be moving on now.

Love you Trina! Sue

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