The PLURALS (Generation Z)

Who are we teaching? How does it impact instruction?

In 2014, the entire youth population in America will be comprised of PLURALS/GENERATION Z.

  • America's last generation with a Caucasian majority
  • The most positive about America becoming more ethnically diverse.
  • Existing in the most diverse social circles.
  • The least likely to believe in the "American Dream".
  • Beginning to reflect the Gen X parenting style in their mindset
  • Affected by blended gender roles.
  • The name "Plurals" reflects what lies ahead, for them, and America.

8 Ways Generation Z, the Plurals, Will Change The Future

  1. They will bring at least 1 household item out of obscurity. Think duct tape, rubber- bands.
  2. At least 3 apps will be generated by an under-12 kid. Hour of Code to encourage kids to consider computer science as a career.
  3. Schools try to teach 21st Century curricula using gamification. Systems thinking, creative problem-solving, collaboration, time management, & identity formation. Many of these goals will be achieved by ramifying the educational experience.
  4. HIV-positive newborns will be cured. So the latest crop of people, technically belonging to Gen Alpha or Homelander, might run no risk of growing up with the inheritance of the HIV virus. This bodes well for the future.
  5. Sexting, Bullying, TMI. About 43% of teens will be embarrassed, taunted, cyberbullied, or slutshamed online in the coming years.
  6. More female "masters of the arrow". Inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy and the main character Katniss Everdeen, more Gen Z girls are channeling their inner bow masters.
  7. Less pretty princesses, more cutesy and lovable in children's entertainment. Disney's pretty princess waiting around for the handsome prince are over. Gen Z females take action into their own hands. Gen Zers are pragmatic and realistic and not shaped by gender stereotypes.
  8. At least 20 Gen Z guys will have a mustache. This is the recipe for success with the girls. Include some thick-rimmed glasses and tight dress pants with stripes and you are part of the "in-crowd."

Silent Generation


Cautious and withdrawn nature

WWII & GI redefined

Baby Boomer Generation


A cultural phenomenon

Skyrocketing birth rates

Economic growth post WWII

Generation X


Latchkey kids

Cynical, pragmatic

Millennial Generation


Increasing power in 21st Century

Second baby boom

Focus on health and well-being

What's Next? Generation Alpha


Born entirely in 21st Century

Screenager; Glass Generation

Entrepreneurial Generation

Tech Savvy

On-line shoppers

Less human contact

Gen X and Y parents

Self-sufficient, better educated, prepared for challenges