Points of Pride

August 3, 2018

Instructional Focus:

The first week is in the books, and I saw SOOO many smiling faces!

I saw some some great community building activities, as well as, clear expectations and rules being solidified. Thank you all for helping to teach our new PBIS Matrix, as we look to solidify our expectations for all students.

As we move towards week two, keep building on these and reinforcing them. If students are not following your procedures exactly to your expectation, have them practice again. While it will seem redundant and arduous now, you will make up the academic time later. Every student benefits by predictable classroom routines. Our students crave structure, even those that fight it.

Safety Procedure Update:

The following email was sent home to parents on Friday:

Good afternoon,

So just like that, the first "week" of school is done! I got a chance go around to each of the classes this week, and noticed some outstanding community building going on in the classrooms. It's so nice to have the students back, as this place is way too quiet without them. Here are some odds and ends to check out as we head towards our first full week of school:

  • ​​Thank you so much for all your patience with our new traffic flow procedures. Parent drop off has gone very smoothly, and we are clearing out parent pick up within 15 minutes. We have a couple ideas to help shave a little more time off that, but for the first week, we are very encouraged.
  • At SPE we are continuously looking for ways to proactively make our school as safe as we can. Last year we implemented a procedure in which we will ask for ID in the front office before calling a student out of class (unless someone in the front office recognizes you). We use the ID to reference the contact information in our computer system. If you are coming to school to talk to, or take home a student, please expect for someone to ask for your ID, and pass this information along to the "emergency contacts" you provided.
  • This year, we increasing the aforementioned protocol by asking for ID anytime someone wants to go past the front office. Again, if someone recognizes you, they might not ask, but it might be someone new, so please be prepared to show ID when you are on campus.
  • Additionally, starting the week of 8/13 we will be having all visitors on campus, when students are present, sign in at the front office. This will include parents that are coming on campus before/after school to drop off/pick up students. Again, parents will be allowed on campus; however, you will need to sign in with the front office to receive a visitor's sticker first. The staff at our gates will not have a sign in sheet or visitor's stickers at that time.

Thanks in advance for your understanding in these procedures. These were recommended by our district to ensure the safety of all our students and staff. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Have a great weekend! ​

Upcoming Events....

  • Week of 8/6: Focus on the Circle Map
  • 8/6: 7:45-Circle Map Review with Heather; if you have not been trained on Thinking Maps, your attendance is required; if you would like a refresher, please plan on attending
  • 8/7: Dad's Club meeting @ 7:00
  • 8/8: 2:15 Release-PLC
  • 8/9: PTSO Meeting @ 3:30
  • Week of 8/13: Focus on the Bubble Map
  • 8/13-Bubble Map Review with Heather; if you have not been trained on Thinking Maps, your attendance is required; if you would like a refresher, please plan on attending; 10 minute chair massages in the lounge from 8:30-2:30 (Maria sent out the sign up earlier this week)
  • 8/14: New to SPE Meeting @ 7:30; preschool curriculum night @ 4:30; kindergarten curriculum night @ 5:30; 1st grade curriculum night @ 6:30
  • 8/15: Donuts with Dad @ 7:45; 2:15 Release-PLC; COPE curriculum night @ 4:30; 2nd grade curriculum night @ 5:15; 3rd grade curriculum night @ 6:15
  • 8/16: ALP curriculum night @ 4:30; 4th grade curriculum night @ 5:15; 5th grade curriculum night @ 6:15; 6th grade curriculum night @ 7:15
  • 8/17: Faculty Meeting @ 7:30