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By : Madison and Olivia

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Money on Everest

Everest has made a ton of money just off of tourism and just for people climbing it. On Everest you must have a permit to climb it because of how dangerous it is, so they want to know who you are if you never come back down form the mountain. A permit cost around $3,350, so think about how many people have gotten a permit to climb Everest and reached the summit. Everest has gotten so much money off of permits and that's not all Everest has gotten money off of.

Tourism is also a great way Everest got all of it's money. It has been a great impact on Everest money wise. The tourism's annual amount is $25,000. That is a humongous amount of people touring Everest every single year. I bet it is a beautiful site to see. They have to give money to Nepal for all of the helpers that help show people the safest way to the summit. Nepal has gotten $3.3 million a year in climbing fees. That's a ton of money , but it is worth it for the Nepalese that risk there lives to help guide people to the summit. Everest has a tone of money, but it gives back to the people who helps the most.

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Climate on Everest

Getting Ready For the Climb

Climbing Everest can be a tone of work, but I know some preparations for you to get to the summit without any complications. First things first is to “Bulk up”. When you are training to get to the summit build your muscles and your cardiovascular strength. This help you when you are climbing big ice walls. Your muscles will help you pull up on the wall to get to the top. Your cardiovascular strength will help your muscles not fall asleep on you while on the wall because if that happens your arm will give out on you and you will let go of the wall, so “Bulk Up”. Second thing is to “Save Up”. A permit to climb Everest is between $4,000 and $10,000 and that’s just for the permit. You also have to pay for equipment, a plane, Nepalese’s to guide you the right way up the mountain, and that’s a ton of money altogether. Don’t forget about the airline ticket. You won’t be paying the regular amount you would pay if you were going to New York or Washington. This will be more expensive because you are leaving the United States and going to the other side of the world, so “Save Up”.

The third thing to do is to “Sign Up”. You really don’t know where Everest is in Kathmandu. That’s why you need to sign up, so the tour operators can pick you up and take you to base camp, but the catch is that you have to pay. They charge you $42,500. Whhhhhhaattttt!!!! Yes it dose cost that much. I really don’t know why I cost this much, but I bet it is for a good reason. Fourth thing to do is to “Stock Up”. What I mean when I say “stock up” is to make sure you have every single thing for the climb because when you start climbing you can’t come back down until you reach the summit or you die and someone takes your corpse back down with them. Try not to pack a lot because if you are at a high altitude with less oxygen and you have a huge bag on your back it will slow you down with all of that weight on your back including the decrease in oxygen. The final thing you have to is to “Climb Up”. I really can’t tell how you’re going to this. It’s really up to you how you climb, but what I can tell you is to never loose site of why you’re doing this climb and to never ever look down.

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Peak is my son. I just got my life involved in his because he was going through that stage where he climbs everything. He got his self in some trouble climbing a skyscraper and he ended up in court. The only way for this to go away was to let Peak go away, so I took him with me to Kathmandu. His life was going to change so much that I hope that in some type of way we can get to a place where we can trust each other with our lives and our hearts.

In Kathmandu Peak was busy. He was training, making sure he had all of his equipment, and with all of this hard work he still had time to make a friend. His name was Sun-jo. He was a climber too. That’s mostly how they bonded. Peak and Sun-jo both were training to get to the summit together, but there was a catch. I wanted Peak to be the youngest person on Everest, but his birthday was coming up so we had to get him to summit before his birthday or he wouldn’t be the youngest person on the summit. Son-jo would be the youngest. As Peak and Sun-jo were climbing Everest and almost reaching the top, Sun-jo was falling behind so Peak went back down some to help out Sun-jo. Sun-jo was ahead of Peak and so close to the summit, but the time was so close to being Peak’s birthday that Peak let Sun-jo go up without him. Peak went back down the mountain on to the road. He went back home to his mom, Roff, and the 2 peas. I wrote him a letter about how I hope he comes back and how he did a great job. Peak is a great kid and even though I never showed it I really loved him.

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Holly Angelo's Report

Sun-Jo a 14-year old Tibetan Nepalese boy became the youngest person to reach the summit of Everest. On May 30 at around 1:30 he reached the top of the summit with his Sherpa's Yogi and Yash at his side. Sun-Jo and Yash then climbed down the Nepal side of the mountain as a free Tibetan. But why? Why do someone so young do something this dangerous?

Quoting Sun-Jo, " I didn't do this for the fame, I did this so that it would help my family get the money we needed." The money that he has gotten from this he has used to put both him and his sisters back in school and put their life back to the way it was before their father died. His father was also a climber and climbed for his family but, after he died his family was left to try to make money. But now Sun-Jo and his family are better than ever thanks to him making it to the summit.

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