Benjamin Franklin gets shocked!!

Can a key get charged by static electricity?

By Desiree Rivera

PHILADELPHIA 1752. Benjamin is a recognized scientist from all over the colonies. He is well known by his shocking experiment that he did with static electricity, key, an a kite.The only person who knew about this shocking experiment was Mr. Franklin's son. It all started in his lab when he was experimenting in his lab with metal, water, and air. He was also trying to prove that there was energy in the heavens. In his lab he had been able to create small sparks that looked like lightning. So the next day he took his experiment outside and that is when his son came in to help. His son said, "What are you doing?" Benjamin said, "When the next thunderstorm comes we will go outside and try my experiment!" So they got started Mr. Franklin and his son put a metal rod on a kite, the shape of the kite was a diamond shape. What Franklin used to make the kite was silk. He had wet twine for the string he needed. Then almost at the end he had the key and at the very end was some silk. He put silk at the top and bottom because the silk could not conduct static electricity. Then when the thunderstorm came Franklin and his son went into a shack for safety then when he thought the time was write he put his knuckle right by the key and he felt a spark jump from the key to his knuckle. Then his son said, " I saw a spark!" That experiment was a success.