Chapter 5 Cultural Notes

Maya Jolly

Waiters and Waitresses in France

Waiters and waitresses are considered professionals. They must know a lot about the food and wine. this is still true even in small, simple restaurants. To address a waiter, you should say Monsieur and to address a waitress, you should say Madame or Mademoiselle. It is also not uncommon for service in France to seem slow because meals typically take several hours.

Opinions on Food in France

French speakers usually use understatement. If they didn't like the food, they might say C'est pas terrible. If they liked the food, they might say C'est pas mauvais.

Tips in France

Usually, a 15% tip is already included in the bill if the words service compris are written on the menu. If you are unsure, you could say Le service est compris? If you like the service, it is customary to leave a larger tip.