Welcome to the "Phone Office"

Helping students manage appropriate device usage!

What is the "Phone Office"?

Our students are 21st century kids with 21st century technology.

We all know that electronic devices have become so ingrained in society that often times our students do not even realize that they are conditioned to constantly be checking, on, and utilizing their devices for non-academic purposes--even during instruction in our classrooms.

By personifying the students' phones, we as teachers are asking students to put their phones in a numbered pocket organizer on a wall near the teacher's desk upon arrival to class. Essentially, sending their phone to "work" at the "phone office."

Their phones are going to work and so must they (separately)!

This will take the temptation away, and put their focus on instruction and collaboration. However, if you want your students to use their devices for classroom activities/projects, their phone can come out of the office for a "conference call."

Regulating their device usage will only increase focus and productivity!

Simpson Clip - Mrs Krabappel removes cell phones
Banning cell phones from class helps students focus