Mrs. Jump's Newsletter

First Grade 2015-2016

Note From the Teacher

This was a great, productive, and busy week in first grade. In reading, we did some reviewing of story elements and fiction/nonfiction. Next week, we will be completing some assessments to get ready for 1st quarter grades. In writing, we focused on using transition words to show order in our stories. In math, we took our Unit 2 post assessment (only half). I am SO proud of our results. Our glass grew tremendously. We demonstrated 72% growth in proficiency from pre assessment to post assessment. We assessed over counting on to add and understanding the equal sign. In Science, we learned about the life cycle of frogs and learned about the different stages. We also had the chance to meet with our local firefighters to learn about fire safety. We are thankful that they set aside time to meet with 1st grade. We also learned how to work together and created a picture using a drone. Be sure to check it out at the bottom of the newsletter.

Class Calendar

Upcoming Explorations


We will be doing some assessments on story elements and fiction/nonfiction.


Writing personal narratives




We had a 94.7% attendance average this week. Our classroom attendance goal is 95.8%.

Classroom Needs

None at this time. :-)

Word Patterns for Next Week

Next week, we will be working on words that end with -ug,-ut, and -un.

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