Information for Report Cards

November 18, 2015

Rosebuds, PK, and K

Grade your skills
In your gradebook click on the box that says SK/ST. Each of your skills are listed in columns along the top. In order to grade the skill, right click and your grade scale will be listed in a drop down menu. You can then choose the grade appropriate for each student. (Note: you can also type the first letter of the grade that you are assigning.)
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Report Card Comments or Narratives

Report Card Comments = Canned comments
Narrative = Personalized comments
In your gradebook, click on the box that is under the template options box. Click on the dropdown menu and choose Comments and Narratives.
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1. Click on Narrative next to each student and type your narrative.
2. Click on Comment to choose a canned comment.
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Submit Your Grades

Submit your grades by clicking on SUBMIT choosing First Trimester.
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See Karen or Julie if you need more individualized assistance.