Thursday Testing Tidbits

September 15, 2016

General Information (revised)

Fall Assessment Update training on Monday and Tuesday!

  • A copy of the PPT will not be provided. Please print out a copy if you wish. It will be posted in itslearning.
  • Due to the limited amount of time and the wealth of information we must bestow upon you, the Student Assessment Handbook will be reviewed during the October 11th Tuesday Test Talk. Please plan to attend.
  • Technology information for state testing will also be discussed during the Tuesday Test Talk on October 11th.

A revised TPC Plan form and directions to complete the form are now posted in the ACCESS folder/ACCESS 2.0 folder. TPC plans should be completed by November.

The Special Requests for Testing are due TODAY!

The Special Accommodations Request will be due October 14th!


ESOL teachers are starting to work on TPC Plans for the 16-17 school year. Please provide guidance as needed. Make sure you share the EL Accommodations Chart with your ESOL teachers.

Pay special attention to the SWD/EL student. There should be collaboration between the ESOL teacher and the special education teacher when writing accommodations for the IEP and the TPC.

GAA (revised)

GAA Sample Tasks Resource Guides are avaible and posted in the STC Course/GAA folder. PLEASE let your teachers now they are available. This may be a great resource for you throughout the GAA portfolio process.

The GAA window has opened! You should be meeting with your teachers and facilitators to plan the GAA Schedule for the year. STCs, teachers and facilitators should all be involved in the alignment check, checkpoints, and revision meetings for GAA throughout the year.

Reminders for the next 2 months for teachers

(admin check to make sure all is being done)

  • Narrow down calendar dates for reviews (admin/facilitator/teacher)
  • Determine if you want to finish by December or February
  • Determine if you plan to have all of collection 1 reviewed for all standards or collection 1 and collection 2 for 1/2 of the standards at the first checkpoint.
  • Review exemplars and identify standards and activities to use
  • Participate in alignment check and have alignment checklist available
  • Start the assessments for the alignment check
  • Let Susan Darlington or I know if you need help!!

Georgia Milestones EOC (revised)

The September EOC MM window runs from the 20th -23rd. Please track down students who need to test!

  • Beginning with Sept MM, please send your used student test tickets to the RAC with your paperwork. We will keep them until scores come back.

There will be an update to INSIGHT AFTER the September MM window. After I attend the training, I will let you know what needs to be done at the school site (if anything) before the October window.

Georgia Milestones EOG (Important read now)

At the elemenary level, development of the Spring 2017 EOG Calendar has become quite messy! I will be meeting with elementary principals tomorrow afternoon to review the proposed schedule again. Please look at the proposed schedule today and let your principal know if it will work for your school. Especially if you plan to test all grade levels online!

  • As you look at the calendar, know that you cannot use the 3/4 make-up days as a time to catch up with all the students you didn't get to test on the main days due to technology capacity.
  • We will talk about the calendar at our meetings on Monday and Tuesday of next week as well.

GKIDS (repeat)

The GKIDS window closes today. Please make sure your teachers have completed the baseline assessment on all students in their class.

Reminder: GKIDS Database will be down from September 13-19.