My Health

By: Michael Moreno

What do you hope to accomplish during high school?

In high school I high school I hope to accomplish many things. One of them is to graduate in the top 10% of my class, or hopefully in the top 5%. Another thing I wish to accomplish is to get into dual credit classes and get college credit.

What do you see yourself doing after high school and further on?

After high school i plan to go to college. I plan to attend the Culinary Institute of America. I want to pursue a degree in culinary arts. After College I want to travel. When I have finished traveling I want to open up my own restaurant and be successful.

Health Improvement

I, like many others, do not have perfect health. There are many things that I can do to improve my health. Three things I can do to improve my health is eat more healthier and nutritious items, get more exercise, and study more for school. These are basic starting points that you can improve upon.

Things I like to do


I do a lot of things at home that i like doing. The following are things i like to do at home:

  • Watch TV
  • Play Video Games
  • Cook & Bake
  • Use my phone
  • Use my laptop

I like to do some things at school. The following are things I like to do at school:

  • Go to lunch
  • Talk to friends
  • Learn new things

These are just the few things of many that I like to do.

More About Me

People I Like To Hang Out With

I like to hang out with people that are funny and that are serious but know how to have fun.

Things I'm Good At

I am good at baking. I have always loved to help out in the kitchen, cook, and bake. I am also good at singing. I love to sing. I was in choir and I was really good. When I tried out for TCDA, a competition where you compete with everyone in Texas to be in a choir, I was part of the 200 kids out of 1200 to make it.


One quality I like about myself is that I learn quickly. One quality I would change is that I zone out of things that bore me.

New Things

One new thing I would like to try is SKydiving.

Positive & Negatives on My Health

A major influence on my health is my parents. They did not eat that healthy until I started taking nutrition and started telling them all the information I was learning.