My True Colors

Tori Barton 4th hour


In childhood, I want to follow the rules and regulations of the school and i also respect my elders. And i learn very easy.
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In relationships, I enjoy others who work with me, build with me and help me feel secure about myself. We look at both views of love and marriage. And i often look up to others for things.
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Im organization. i work hard makes to keep things organizations. I believe that work comes before play, even if I must work overtime to complete
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Leadership Style

Rules oriented ,Detailed approach and willing to help people if their struggling.
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Symptoms Of Having A Bad Day

Anxiety and worry, Depressed and not wanting to talk to anyone.
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3 characteristics that describe me best are, im organized, i look at both views of love and marriage and i look up to others. 3 characteristics that don't describe me are i don't self pity when im having a bad day, things are threatened to change and i get sick. The type of job that fits my personality is a doctor. My color might effect in a good way because i'm loving and put others first. 2 negative effects are i wont get sick and i take my job seriously