Mrs. Budney's Smarties

Day 31, Friday May 1st

Morning Message:

Good Morning,

Welcome to fun Friday! I cannot wait for our daily meeting today at 10:30. Today come to our meeting dressed silly or crazy. Wear a wig, dress as your mom or dad, make your hair crazy, come in an old Halloween costumes and be ready to dance! We will have a Friday dance party to add to our craziness. You all are working so hard and deserve some fun and laughter. Please check out Mrs. Castro's webpage for our specials today, remember she has a live class for 2nd grade at 1:15 today.

Eureka Math Module 7 Lesson 2 help for Zearn.....

These videos are just to help prepare your child for the each days Zearn lesson. They should watch the videos before they log onto Zearn for their daily Mission. This video will be updated daily for you to watch.....
Eureka Math Grade 2 Module 7 Lesson 2

Mini Mrs. B Many Adventures with her smarties.........

Today's Social Emotional Learning....

Today we are going to practice "Tummy Breathing." First lie on your back and place a small stuffed animal on your stomach. Next breathe in deeply though your nose and feel the stuffed animal rise and then feel it lower as you slowly exhale through your mouth. Last, rock the stuffed animal to sleep using the rise and fall of your stomach.

Today's Activities on Seesaw...


  • New Unit; Unit 13 Vowel teams "oa" "oe" and "ow" all long "o" sounds.


  • Zearn daily Mission: Module 7 Lesson 2 (only complete one mission per day)

Guided Reading:

  • Raz kids daily assigned book reading (one book per day with all three steps completed; listening/read/quiz)

Read aloud:

  • "Scrambled States" Day 5 Response


  • Reflecting on ME...

For all video I have shared in the past, please follow my youtube channel for video help.


I will be available on remind all day and will be checking my e-mail several times a day.

The reality of our current challenges may not allow for getting together, but it doesn't mean that we cannot maintain our connections and our community! With this in mind, the #BullockES staff will be starting daily "office hours" utilizing ZOOM.The goal for our "virtual check-ins" will be to support students as they work at home and to give our children the opportunity to interact with one another, maintaining our community of learners! Our virtual zoom check in is 10:30 everyday.

Please make sure to check your email for your virtual check-in link & see below for our weekly schedule! The daily chat can be accessed via computer, tablet or smart phone via the zoom app! For all video I have shared in the past, please follow my youtube channel for video help.

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