The Advantages of Abstinence

By Nicholas Ryland


You would think that most kids in their teenage years would have sex with your partners. Turns out, that is a big fat lie. They feel like that they are not ready for the effects that sexual activity can come to them. In fact, those that have sex would have the possibility of being diagnosed with a STD/HIV.
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What is Abstinence?

There are many definitions of abstinence, but they all relate to the same choice that people make: avoiding sexual activity to prevent pregnancy.

How do you know when you're ready to choose abstinence?

This is a difficult that people sometimes have to ask themselves whenever they are involved in a relationship with a partner. Sometimes they just automatically choose abstinence because their friends are doing the same thing. Others just wait until they talk to adults they trust and get their perspective.
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If notable celebrities chose abstinence, so can you!

I found it pretty interesting, but NFL star Tim Tebow was dumped by a Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, because he chose abstinence. There are still critics that say Tebow "can't find the end zone," because he wouldn't have sex with her. But the truth is, I would never criticize anyone who would say "no" to sex, because I could understand their feelings for why they wouldn't want to be involved in such activity. So instead of having sex and worry about possible disease, know when to say "no" and be a statistic among those that don't choose sexual activity.