Recycling Awesomeness

OᑎE Oᖴ TᕼE ᗷEᔕT ᗯᗩYᔕ TO ᗷEᑎEᖴIT TᕼE EᑎᐯIᖇOᑎᗰEᑎT

The Process

Anybody can recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, or paper. This means to make them reusable again. Glass is sorted by color, crushed, heated until it's a liquid, and molded into a new product again. Aluminum is Shredded, melted, formed into ingots, turned into sheets, and formed into new aluminum goods. Plastic is washed, chopped, inspected, cleaned even more, chopped into pellets, and turned into new plastic things. Paper is sorted, turned into pulp, cleaned, refined,turned into flat sheets, rolled and then pressed to become new paper again.

Fun Facts

~The more people recycle something the cheaper it gets on the market.

~The recycling industry creates about 1.1 million jobs, which provides money families need.

~In a year 70 million tons of trash was saved from the waste pile when they were recycled.

~For every ton of paper recycled it saves 17 trees.

~Recycling has helped removed the carbon pollution of approximately 25 million cars.

Recycling's Reveal

Our nation recycles about 30% of our waste. California recycles 48%. That's almost half of every piece of trash in California recycled. All you need to do for recycling is to toss recyclable for the recycling truck to pick up. Just a little bit of action can reduce the 4.5 trash you throw away each day.

You can recycle in Coppell right now!

@ every Tuesday and Friday the recycling truck comes!

Be sure to mark things you want to recycle with something like like a blue trash bag so they know what's trash and what should be recycled!