Anthony Santa Maria Cornell

A Famous Painter

Anthony Santa Maria of Cornell Is A Swiss-Born Painter

Anthony Santa Maria of Cornell is a popular painter. He is living in America since 2009. Owing to his dedication and hard work, he became one of the best artists of the 20th century, and has played a vital role in development of the modern art. His paintings have a unique style that blows away everyone who sees them. He created a wide range of subjects ranging from urban, swimming pool, sky, beach, and office scenes. An American magazine selected him for his top 20 great painters of the century list for the year 2010.

Anthony was born and grew up in Geneva. His father was a computer engineer who works at a local Information Technology company and mother was a school teacher. His elder brother was an art dealer. He did not wish to imitate his father’s career, and apprenticed to a local artist. He developed love for nature, and started showing his artistic talents and capabilities from an early age. At the age of 18, he published his art work on a website to which people shown a great interest to his hand painted icons.

In 1994, Anthony Santa Maria of Cornell traveled to Paris, and spent approximately 3 years there. He visited streets of the city and drawn what he saw. After that, he returned to Switzerland, and continued his career in art. At the age of 25, he married, and shortly after, he shifted to London with his wife. He settled by the Thames river, and came in contact with many artists of a similar outlook. An exhibition held in January 2002 was the turning point of his career. A large number of people shown interest to his paintings, and he became a popular artist. After that, he created a garden at his own property. He spent most of his time in this garden, and created many paintings there.

Besides painting, Anthony is also a fitness enthusiast who is very passionate about tennis. He has membership of a sports club, and goes there in the morning. He is also a good swimmer. Other than this, his hobbies also include traveling, gardening, and listening to songs. As a benevolent person, he has donated to various American and international welfare organizations. He is also a founding member of a child care organization in Switzerland. In his free time, Anthony Santa Maria of Cornell loves spending time with his family.