Whitford's Weekly Update


Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

Let's get our AWESOME on!!

We are down to the final week of school before Winter Break! Yeah, its a full week and there is plenty to do, but you know what? The kids, and their families, are thinking the same thing. We only have a finite amount of days with our kiddos so why not make these next five school days the best they can be? I have heard that it takes the same amount of energy to be nice as it does to be mean. I would also say it takes the same amount of energy to be an awesome teacher as it does to be less than awesome. I would take it even farther and say that it takes more energy to be cranky, frustrated and angry, while being positive, happy and full of gratitude can actually boost your energy. How is that possible? If you are awesome, and you all are AWESOME, the kids will be awesome, too. It's contagious- and it creates more awesomeness. If you are less than awesome, the time you spend because the kids are less than awesome is the same. Make sense? Be awesome today, and all this week, and in the days to come. Let's make it the best week of the year!*

*based on some thoughts from my #PLN

Educator Effectiveness - I heard from a little bird that there is some stress about classroom observations, walkthroughs and artifacts for Teachscape/Educator Effectiveness. I know a lot of the information I shared at the beginning of the year may have slipped your mind or been lost in e-mails but if you have questions you can always feel free to come and ask. After talking with the other Elementary Principals this morning I have discovered that I am actually ahead of them on some of the classroom walkthrough observations. I have done one for all of our new teachers (including 2nd year teachers) and I have even done one for a teacher that isn't on the summary year until next year. I need to get into Tara's room next week, but none of you should worry. Teachers in their Summary Year only need 3 Walkthrough Observations and "1" Scheduled Full Observation. The 3 Walkthroughs don't need to be completed until May 1st. The Formal Announced Observation does not need to be completed until March 1st for Summary Year staff. Try not to worry about this folks. It will all get done and no matter what you see or hear from CESA 4 or on the Deep Dive, districts are given local control to do things as they wish with Educator Effectiveness. I will send out some additional info this week to help with these questions as well.

Teachscape Video Tutorials - I have created a You Tube Playlist of Teachscape videos. It is filled with all of the tutorials on how to do things in Teachscape. Feel free to check it out and use the videos you need. There are some that only pertain to evaluators. = http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhkkTD4A2r6MeOySBh6mUc18iDZUU59eR

In-Wall-Lunchtables - The new lunch tables will be installed on December 22nd. I am not sure how long it will take to get the climbing wall finished and the hanging curtain back up, but the new tables will be ready for us. This means that students will need to come in and go down the middle of the gym to line up for gym. I am sure we will have some little logistics to straighten out, but we can do it.

Money Deposit Reminder - It has come to my attention that some staff are not making timely deposits. Secretarys should be making daily deposits and should never have more than $100 in the building. This appllies to the rest of the staff also. They should never, ever have money at home or in there classrooms with the exception of Weekly Reader types of monies.

Data Meetings - The time has come for some collaboration in analyzing the data and determining ICE groups. We would tentatively like to set up meetings. Please let us know if the day and time selected for your grade level meeting will work for you. Thanks for your help in this process! ICE will begin again on Monday, January 5. Meeting Times are as follows:

12/12 Friday - 11:30 - 1st Grade

12/15 Monday 11:30 - 2nd Grade

12/15 Monday 3:20 - 3rd Grade

12/16 Tuesday 11:30 - 4th Grade

12/16 Tuesday 3:20 - Kindergarten

12/17 Wednesday 11:30 - 5th Grade

Winter Break Fridge Clean-up? - are we cleaning the fridge over break? I noticed a lot of food in there and some of it looks like it has gotten awfully comfy in there......

Calendar of Events


15 Miller, Oakdale & Camp Douglas Building Staff Meeting - Short @Miller Library (3:20pm)

Miller PBIS Meeting @Miller Library (3:40pm)

16 Tom Out - Ed Effectiveness Training @CESA 4 (9am - 3pm)

Camp Douglas Elderly Christmas Meal (11:30am)

17 New Day Residents & Handishop Residents Holiday Event @Oakdale (1:30pm)

18 Story Time - Tom Reads to Camp Kids @Camp Douglas (11am)

THS Honor Students to Oakdale for Stories & Projects @Oakdale (8:30am)

Tom - Lunch w/Camp Douglas Staff @Camp Douglas (11:30am)

Camp/Oak PBIS Team Meeting @Oakdale (3:15pm)

19 Miller PBIS Sing-a-long @Miller (1-2:45pm)

Oakdale & Camp Douglas Sing-a-long @Camp Douglas (2:00pm)

The last 5 Days of Christmas

The last 5 days

Day 8 Monday, 12/15 Hershey’s kisses

Day 9 Tuesday, 12/16 Hot Chocolate

Day 10 Wednesday, 12/17 Gift cards

Day 11 Thursday, 12/18 Handwritten Christmas cards

Day 12 Friday, 12/19 X-Mas Sweater and Jeans Day

Kudos & Thanks

Kudos to Jackie Felber for always being willing to help out, even when it means fixing my mistakes. - Karen J

Kudos to all of the Camp Douglas staff for their hardwork and making this a place I love to work at. You are a wonderful bunch of ladies! :) - Karen J

Kudos to Tom for the "The Twelve Days of Christmas"! We sure enjoy those extra treats and fun! - (Especially comfy workout clothes for 2 days!!!) - Sue G

Kudos to our Terrific Title 1 Trio! Thanks for the tests and those tremendous treats! - Sue G

I would like to thank everyone that stepped up to fill my position on Thursday while I was at the emergency room with Doug. Sounds like you had to do a lot of shuffling! What a great team I work with!! Thank You - Cheryl S

Kudos to Kendra and the K-2 teachers for the successful concert performance! - Linda M

Kudos to Angie White! She is doing a great job as the Educator Effectiveness coach and keeping us informed. - Mary P

Big KUDOS to Peggy Cleven for all of her help on Thursday! She was great during the concert practice! - Mary P

Kudos to the Miller staff for being so prompt with completing their benchmark testing! - Linda M

Kudos to the Title 1 staff for the yummy treats! Mmm…mmm! - Tina P

Kudos to Tom for helping me with the wiper blade on my van a couple of weeks ago. It helped me make it to daycare on time. Thanks! - Tina P

Thank you to the Title team for the treats today. You can test anytime you want to - o.k. maybe not such a good idea but the treats were great. - Sue V

Thank you Lynette, Deb, and Linda for the yummy treats! - Angie W

Thank you Lynette for organizing the Chinese luncheon. It was delicious! - Angie W

Thank you Kendra for another awesome concert. The student's sounded wonderful! - Angie W

Kudos to Kendra for putting on such an amazing music concert! The songs were so fun and the kids had a blast! - Tara B

Kudos to Tom for giving us an extra day to dress comfy!!! - Michelle E

I would like to Thank Irene, Lindsay and Cheryl for all helping to make a math game for me. I really appreciate the extra effort and I'm sure my class will enjoy it. :) - Amy S

Kudos to Jessa for helping lead the student council team. I'm thinking a tasty pie might be in Jessa's future as well :) - Sheila T

Just a reminder to make sure we are not training kids to be like fleas.....

Fleas and the Lid