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This project determines my grade from and A to a B.

"Because he cared more about revenge than he did about her"

This quote was said by Evy talking to V about how someone can care about revenge more than your loved ones. This quote occurred when they were watching V's favorite movie "The mount of Montecrisko". In today's modern world, if someone harms you or anyone you care about, then automatically revenge is the first thing on your mind. Before anyone else puts thoughts in your head, you are thinking of hurting the person that hurt you or your loved ones. I once took it upon myself to seek revenge for my brother. I was in the 7th grade; my brother had gotten pushed at gym by this 8th grader. As soon as this happened I immediately left class, found the guy and punched him in the face. I had broken his nose, and also got a couple of days of OSS, but I was happy because I punched him in the face. Also today some people get caught up in revenge that we lose sight of what really matters in our live, our loved ones.

Dystopian Paragraphs

The world we live today has its ways of separating its people. It puts us in certain categories for example, most farming and red necks live in the royal area, which is the poor people. The high inn people that are rich and above everybody live in the suburban area, then you have the people that live in the city that also consist of poor people. In 1984 the dystopian society was based off of Big Brother, Big brother is the eye in the sky, streets, your house, your bathroom, even your shower. How would you feel if you were being watched in your shower? This means there is nowhere to hide, and nowhere to run. The branches of government make me even scared to live in that type of environment. The four branches of government are, “Love= law in order, Plenty= Economics, Peace= War, truth= Fine Arts and education” (Orwell #2). For example, in the Hunger Games there are 12 different districts that divide the people from rich to poor. This is how they disconnect the communication between the 12 different districts, this helps and also prevents the freedom of speech, therefore eliminating the possibly of a revolution breaking out.

Another topic that is a form of dystopia is from other people in the population; Celebrities, they are considered the stars and the glamour of our population, no one is better than them, they’re at the very top of the food chain. For example Bo Jackson is considered the greatest athlete on the planet; the campaign that made Nike surpass Reebok was “Bo knows”. This meant that if you wore this shirt everyone around you thought you were automatically great without even seeing you play, run or jump, they just knew you the best since you had his shirt on. Bo Jackson said,” If god blesses you with strength speed and hand eye coordination then you have to be successful, he just gave me these gifts for Baseball and on the Football Field”(BO Jackson). A lot of people these days have everything in their favor to succeed then when the time comes they don’t show up when presented the opportunity.

The internet is one way a war can start because of the choices people make behind the face of their phones, computer, tablets, Ipad’s etc….. The way the internet was, was simple, you search the internet to find certain information, but now you have sites to purchase guns, sites with porn, sites that can tell you how far child molesters are from your house. The internet has advanced itself to where you can communicate through your device and can actually see the person you are talking to, it’s called Skype and face time, that’s not it. You also have bullies on the internet, these are people who lye, steal, and abuse it. For example, Catfish, cyber bullies, and also credit cards fraud. Basically the technology from back then has changed into a war zone, my mother told me,” the internet is going to be the demise of the future that you see going to live, and hopefully I’m not there to see it fold on you”.

Wordle Of Dystopia

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Living In a Plastic Age

Every day my metal friend
Shakes my bed at 6am
Then the shiny serving clones
Run in with my telephones

Talking fast I make a deal
Buy the fake and sell whats real
Whats this pain here in my chest
Maybe I should take a rest

They send the heart police to put you under, Cardiac arrest
and as they drag you the door
They tell you that you've failed the test

Living in the
Living in the plastic age
Looking only half my age
Hello doctor lift my face
I wish my skin could stand the pace

In the bed I read my mind
Remember how the mice were blind
I watch them fighting in their cage
Could this be the plastic age?

They send the heart police to put you under Cardiac arrest
and as they drag you the door
They tell you that you've failed the test

Living in the
Plastic age
Plastic age
Plastic age


They send the heart police to put you under Cardiac arrest
and as they drag you the door
They tell you that you've failed the test

Living in the

Plastic age
Plastic age
Plastic age

Buggles - The plastic age LIVE


The main reason of this song is to inform dystopia. The Buggles are a band that strictly sings songs about dystopia, the album that “Living in the plastic age” is a part of, is a dystopian album. It’s interesting because out of everything you could sing or rap about they choose to pick the topic about a world that has 100% control over you. The stanza sets me back to the book “1984” because every day they have to get up and say the anthem that consists of words pertaining to the government and how they rule over you. Living in a plastic age is a world that is plastic, no matter how hard you pull it doesn’t rip, but if you pull and rip hard enough its causes a tare and that consists of a revolution our world. Since living in a plastic age is basically living an imaginary world.

1984 has a lot of brothers and sisters, for example the hunger games is a prime example of a plastic age, but at the end she realize that she can’t be controlled an broke the barrier from the hunger games to the real world, and that tare that she created started the beginning of a revolution. For me reading 1984 gave me the intelligence that I needed to realize what I can do and what I can actually do, because in 1984 the people at all times know that Big Brother is watching them, but in our world we know were being watched but we do not know who is watching, where there watching, and how there watching us. At this point in time I do not know who is watching me except my parents, peers, teachers, and my coaches. This song has a strong connection to 1984 since, they both are about dystopia and they explain the reason dystopia is not needed in the US.

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The Targeting Rally of the Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, Feb. 2nd, 8pm

East Rutherford, NJ, United States

East Rutherford, NJ

The purpose of this event will end the whole rule of targeting for all of football. The event is designed to make the NFL rule committee realize what the targeting rule can start, a revolution! First all 20,437 of us will arrive in at the super bowl as normal fans, but under our clothes will be the shirts that say, “Targeting is the death of Football". Then at half time will all show our shirts and run to the middle of the field, which there will be the rule committee president at center stage. He will say the following," I as a man do understand the anger of the men and women of football. I have thought about my decision on the ruling of the Targeting Rule, I officially grant the termination of this rule indefinitely. If he does not say the following, there will be a sharp shooter at the top of the stadium, and will shoot him directly in the head. Then the stadium will be on lock down and the super bowl will be postponed until further notice.

Trends as Mini-Dystopia

An example of the trend of dystopia is simply the internet. The internet is a series of connections that hold the truth to society as we know. Being a person on the internet holds so much power; you can say things without anyone know (cyber bullying). The internet net as I know is today is a war happening behind a computer or a phone screen. In my opinion the biggest thing that has dystopia written all over it is fantasy football. This is a group of guys or girls getting together and competing on who can get the most points, depending on who they have on their fantasy team.

14 Line Sonnet

Dystopia is the key to destruction and fear.
Many people always think about whose watching them now,
But most of the time you never know until there way far gone.
I sometimes think about life in the dark,
Because you never know when that time will actually going to come.
My life as of now is safe and discrete,
but ill never know whose watching if im always making a peep.
The world as i know it could be a world of regret.
Since no one ever i guess ill found out when the time is gone
My mind is racing as light years pass,
but as i said once before my life as we now it is in the dark.
And i will never know when the light is coming on it
I always wish upon a star on a time like this,
But my life is in the dark but no light wont shine on it.

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