News of the Kings

by: Jack T. Stephen P.

What is Happening with King Midas

A spirit came and met King Midas and said I know you like gold. want more?

YES! and king midas was given the golden touch. where there is a good there is a bad, his daughter gave him a hug and she turned to gold!

Interview with King Midas

King Midas, Stephen and Jack talk

S: Hello King Midas!

M: Why hello!

S: have a couple questions, my first question is: Why did you wish for everything you touch turn to gold?

M: Well, I wasn't thinking clearly! I had to think of a wish fast! Even though I had enough gold, my selfishness took over.

S: Well, good thing you pulled yourself back together, the bad thing is, it almost took your daughter's life away to figure that out.

M: Yes, I really regret choosing to be selfish over many people, and almost loosing my own life by starving.

J: King Midas, describe almost the exact way you felt.

M: I felt starved and depressed. Starved because even food turned to gold in my mouth. Depressed because my daughter was turned to gold.

SJ: Thank you for coming King Midas.

M: Your very welcome!

About Family and Friends

The only relative we know in the story is his daughter. He gets his god powers from a spirit that King Midas meets at about midnight and gives him and his greedy self the power to turn everything into gold, like a tree his bed food and even his daughter.

Family Tree of King Midas

-King Midas got his gold touch from a spirit in the middle of the night.

King Midas compared

King Midas could be compared to the famous and greedy William H. Vanderbilt. All he cared about was his land. "The public be darned! I only care about my property. "