Books, Vocabulary and Terms

By: Grace Eaton


One of my favorite books is Left Behind, by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The main character is a pilot named Rayford. Some of the passengers on his large jet plane have disappeared! Rayford finds out that his wife and son have also disappeared and millions of people around the world have lost family or close friends too! What is the reasoning for this? Some people think that it was an alien invasion (it wasn't) , he wonders, Rayford finds out that this is the beginning of the End. On his eye opening journey he learns to trust God and be the father he should of been.


I love the book because it filled with excitement and surprises. It also makes the reader think about life, death, God and eternity The book has a lot cool scenes in it and I can really get a good mental movie in my head whenever I'm reading it.

Bruce Barnes

Bruce Barnes is a Senior Pastor at New Hope Village Church. Even though he was a Christian and thought he would've gotten raptured, he didn't instead he got left behind. The rest of his family disappeared also. He joins Buck, Rayford and Chloe on a journey for truth.

The Bad Guy

The bad guy in this book is Nicolae. He does so many 'Great Things' that people start to think he is God, but he isn't. He deceives millions of people and makes a new world order.
Left Behind Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Nicolas Cage Movie HD


Some words that made me think:






These words were new for me, so that is why I put them in the words think.