Mrs. Treece's Class News

Week of 9/19-9/23

Since our Last News Update ...

* In ELA we have:
  • Learned how to make inferences.
  • Begun reading Rules by Cynthia Lord & have been applying our knowledge of character traits to this novel.
  • Continued our grammar study on sentences & learned the different types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory & imperative.)
  • Completed unit 2 in our spelling books
  • Continued our cursive writing unit.

* In Math:

  • 3rd grade has completed chapter 1 on Place Value & did AWESOME on their first test.
  • 4th grade has continued chapter 1 on Place Value.

* In Art:

  • We have begun our Autumn Art unit, learning how to follow directions to draw a bushel of apples! This will make for a great seasonal decoration! :-)

* Other:

  • We have completed the first round of the Dibels testing.
  • We have finished setting Q1 goals for ourselves & are working towards reaching them by collecting evidence.

What's to Come this Week?

*In ELA we will:
  • Continue reading Rules & working in reading groups to discuss important events in the story
  • Begin writing our first personal narrative about our very own characters
  • Begin our unit project - making a character scrapbook!
  • Continue learning new cursive letters
  • Begin spelling unit 3: 3rd grade (Short U: o or u) 4th grade (Long A: a, ai or ay)

*In Math:

  • The 3rd grade will begin chapter 2 - Addition
  • The 4th grade will continue & wrap up chapter 1

*In Social Studies we will:

  • Learn about maps, parts of a map, and how to use a map in order to locate places in a country, state, city or town.

*In Keyboarding we will:

Friendly Reminders:

* The cookie swap will be on Thursday, 9/22

* Our first field trip to Museum village will be on Friday 9/30

* Continue doing your homework each night & filling out your reading log

* Remember to work towards achieving your Q1 goals!

* If you have an questions or comments, feel free to email me at