The Fault in Our Stars

Comparing Greek Mythology to Modern Literature

What my book is about...

My book is about two young teenagers, Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace who both suffer from very bad cancer. These kids met for the first time at a meeting with many other kids explaining how hard it is to survive. Soon these teenagers become very good friends and Hazel and Augustus grow feelings for each other. Then end up sharing the same interest which is reading. Hazel suggests a book for Augustus to read. After he reads the book he his just as shocked as he is when there isn't an ending. Later on Augustus take Hazel to go meet the author of the book: An Imperial Affliction to see why there isn't and ending and what it might be. Once they meet the author Peter Van Houten they both realize that he is just a rude drunk that could care less to answer Hazel's questions. Once they return home form their trip to Amsterdam, Augustus is informed that his cancer is back and worse than before. Hazel and Augustus end up writing each other eulogies incase one of them dies before each other. Sadly Augustus dies and when Hazel attends his funeral she is surprised that Peter Van Houten has showed up as well. Soon she figures out that the reason that there wasn't and ending to the book was because peter's daughter died of cancer and that's why he was so grumpy all the time.


My book has many similarities as the myth of Romeo and Juliet. One of the comparisons is that in my book the two main characters Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters fall in love when they barely knew each other just like in R&J. Another comparison is when in R&J they both go to meet somewhere so they can both be together and be happy the same thing happens in my book because when Hazel and Augustus plan to go to Amsterdam not only to spend alone but to see their favorite author. One other comparison is that it is a tragedy for Juliet's parents to be so upset when they find out that she's dead Hazel goes through the same thing when Augustus is informed that his cancer is back and worse than before. Another connection I have is that when R&J's parents find them both dead they make a truce to be friends because of the death of their children. This is kind of like what happened to Hazel because at Augustus's funeral Peter Van Houten was there and told Hazel why he was so grumpy and why there wasn't and ending to the book was the truce between Hazel and Peter because Peter is nice to her and answers the questions that she has been dying to know in the end.

Critique of my book

I didnt really in joy my book because it wasn't interresting. Also it took very long to get to the point of the book until atleast 100 pages in. The fault in our stars also was too confusing and it didn't make me not want to put the book down. One last reason why i didn't like this book was because it was about 300 books.


I would recommend this book to mostly girls. It was really good book and made you want to keep reading. It also had surprises that made me really like the book.


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