Color blindness

By: Michael Duffey

What is Color blindness?

Definition of color blindness- a reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors.

Who is affected with this disease?

Men are more likely to have color blindness than women.

Daily life with color blindness


  • Difficulty seeing certain colors
  • Inability to see shades of the same color
  • Rapid eye movement
Life expectancy is normal.
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What causes color blindness?

Color blindness is past on from parents to their children. It is a genetic disorder. It is caused by the X chromosome. The name of the gene that causes color blindness is OPN1LW.

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Possible cures or treatments

There are no known cures for color blindness. But there are glasses that help people with color blindness see normally.
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Interesting facts

Matt Laurer from the TODAY show has color blindness.
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Bill Clinton has color blindness
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