By Tyler Hanson

Early Life

He graduated from Cape Girardeau High School, but dropped out of Southeast Missouri State after 2 semesters. He seemed to only be interested in radio, his mother said. He moved to different cities including New York and Palm Beach.

Radio Career

In the early 1970's he moved to Pittsburgh and worked as a disk jockey for a few different stations. He then moved to Kansas city and was an announcer and became good friends with hall of famer George Brett. In 1984, he moved to Sacramento as a talk show host and started his career as a conservative radio talk show host. He kept roasting liberals and others who were of the Democratic party up into the early 2000's.

Rush through the years

Him at ESPN

He worked at ESPN as an NFL commentator and he helped bring their highest rankings in 7 years. During an argument on how good Eagle's Quarterback Donovan McNabb, Rush said that he wasn't that good of a quarterback. He stated that the media was complimenting him and exaggerating how much better he was because he was black. Because of his remarks though, he drew criticism and retired from announcing games on ESPN.


He is currently broadcasting The Rush Limbaugh Show that has an estimated 13.25 million listeners making it the most listened radio talk show on air in America. He is also among some of the highest earning celebrities and has a contract worth 400 million dollars