Tech It Out! #37

September 28, 2015 - This & That

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Tech & Students: Talk about Email

Do your students know how to check their school email? I created a quick video showing students how to access their Gmail account - I'm sure most can find it but there may be many who don't know. If you have a moment (57 seconds!), consider sharing this with your advisories. Here's the direct link!
Email Access

Quick Tech Tip!

Maybe I was the only one waiting for Google Slides to update their theme choices (80s geometric, anyone??) It's finally here! Google Slides now has updated themes and slide designs - be sure to check them out!
Big image

Accommodations & Modifications

Brand new in Google Docs - voice typing! Students just select voice typing from the Tools menu, click on the microphone, and Google translates their speech to text. This is a great tool to use with students who struggle with putting their thoughts on paper, and can express themselves better by speaking out loud.

Above & Beyond

Looking for an extension activity? Check out Booktrack Classroom! This cool tool lets students write stories and then add a soundtrack to their writing. For example, they can add music to a paragraph where their characters are beginning an adventure. What a neat way for kids to make their writing interactive!

Teaching Resource of the Week: Google Classroom

Google Classroom is definitely a resource worth exploring! Check out some of the newest features here.

For more information on the NEW calendar feature, read all about it here or watch a video.