Lord of the Lies

Tyranty At Its Worst

Trail Of Tears

Not Only Did Jackson force The Native American Cherokee to move but he also lied to them. He explained that there would be Food , & shelter there for a year until they settled which never Happened , After All Those Poor People Had To Go Through awful weather, & all that walking , & he couldn't even prepare a place for them to stay. over 4000 people died just for that journey because of Jackson . What Else Has He Lied About??

Nullification Crisis

He used the force bill to give him the powerover the army , & forced them to pay taxes. when they heard the new they threatened to leave the union & he didnt want that , so in order to solve this problem they made the compromise of 1833.

Indian Removal Act

Forced , the Indians moved by law , leaving unsettled land were they where settled. Some of the tribes didn't mind moving, but many of them hated the thought of the idea. This witch lead To the "trail of Tears" . Witch explains where & why they had to go through such a tragity. If Jackson weren't President , over 40,000 Cherokees wouldn't have died.
Trail Of Tears Short Documentary
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