by: Ayri T.

Three types of volcanoes

There are three types of volcanoes and the first type is a composite volcano, the second is called a shield volcano, and the last one is named a cinder-cone volcano. Mount st. Helens [ in Washington ] is a composite volcano. When a composite volcano erupts gases,lava, and ash sprays out. Some volcanoes don`t spray out lava and they are called shield volcanoes. Shield volcanoes`s lava flows slowly down onto the surface of the earth and it destroys everything in it`s way. Shield volcanoes also make small mountains and you can find more shield volcanoes in Hawaii. Cinder-cone volcanoes are usually less than 300-400 feet tall and when they erupt they force out tiny bits of ash,lava,and gases. After a volcano shoots out, the lava cools down then gets rough and then becomes a igneous rock.

Volcanoes that form igneous rock

Composite volcanoes make rocks from lava that sprays out of the volcano and some of those rocks are pumice rocks or obsidian rocks. Shield volcanoes form rocks like basalt, pahoehoe, and aa [ ah-ah ]. pahoehoe and aa rocks are hawaiian and aa rocks are jagged and sharp rocks and pahoehoe rocks like a piece of rope. Cinder-cone volcanoes makes tuff, basalt, and pumice rocks and pumice rocks are made from bubbles with hot gases in it from lava.

Three types of volcano pictures

Extra info about volcanoes

Extra infomation

Did you know that volcanoes have been forming on earth for thousands of years and this means they have erupted since the last 10,001 years. Some volcanoes are extinct and dormant, extinct volcanoes have not shown any signs of eruption since the last 10,001 years. Dormant volcanoes have not had shown signs of eruption.Did you know that pieces of pumice are full of so many full holes from the hot gases that they are able to float in water.