Rosa Abbott, The Survivor!

By Ricardo Flores

Rosa's Personal Info

Rosa Abbott, born 1873, was 39 when she was on the Titanic with her two boys. Rosa luckily survived, sadly, her two boys, Rossmore & Eugene Abbott, did not.

The Ship

The Titanic was massive. Biggest of its time. It measured 882 feet long! It had nine decks, four huge funnels, and her three enormous anchors weighed a total of thirty-one tons. Rosa had a ticket for third class which cost her twenty and a half pounds. Third class rooms were pretty fancy. The room had two bunk beds, coat hangers, and a mirror in the middle. Just imagine how the first class rooms were!

Disaster and Rescue

Captain Smith kept getting ice warnings on April 13 & 14, but he ignored them. The Titanic hit an ice burg on April 14,1912 at around 11:40 p.m. The ship starting sinking and the water swept Rosa and her two boys of the deck. Rossmore and Eugene were lost, but luckily Rosa was rescued by Collapsible Lifeboat 'A'.

Life After The Titanic

Rosa required medical attention after the Titanic, due to the effects the cold water had on her legs. Eventually she was fine and remarried. She moved back to England with her new husband. Rosa died in 1946.