Brandon tighe


japan has many geographic problems . one of the problems is the irregular coast line ! the coast line helps ships to dock. another good reason for the coast line is great to get trade and goods from. these coast lines also stop huge waves in the ports for the boats.

Rape of Nanjing

Nanjing was a new capital. The Rape Of Nanjing was a huge massacre! 350,000 people died. the called this decade the Nanking decade.


Shintoism is a belief in spirits and nature and items .this was a way of god. this was more energy then a human forum .the had rituals and a standard dress forum.

meiji Restoration

"Meiji modernize" . Meiji restoration was to build factories , businesses, companies, internationally . this helped trade and insurance/ banking . They also had a strong military . they made laws and constitutions . they had the ability to choose occupation