Spread The Word To End The Word

Be Respectful

Use the word Respect not Retard...

Calling someone a name like a retard or retarded can really hurt someones feelings. Instead of calling someone retarded, treat them with respect. Treating someone with respect brightens peoples day. Instead of making fun of people with disabilities, treat them with respect because it makes them happy and make them feel like they're one of us. I know how it feels to get talked about , and I know how it feels to talk about someone. The feeling isn't good, so just treat people with respect, and spread the word to end the word. RESPECT!!

Every day Monday through Sunday Respect one another!!!

Everyday you should respect one another even if your upset always treat your friends with respect. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD!!!

Some of my helpers are:

Promised to make this world a better world.

Frequently asked questions

Some people may think why are we doing this? We are doing this because bullying is the number on cause of suicide. Other people may ask why is this important? It's important because we need our children to lead the way.