Water Saving

By Jessica Ravi

Saving Water Indoors

We can save water indoors by:
  • Don't let water run while shaving, brushing teeth or washing your face.
  • Take shorter showers, usually around 4 minuits.
  • Re-use water from the tap that can be used to water the garden.
  • Turn of light switches when not in use, as they use up water.
  • Get a higher stared fridge, washing machine, etc.

Saving water Outdoors

We can save water outdoors by:
  • Don't water your grass in winter when it is un-necassary.
  • Do not hoes down your driveway/ side walk, use a broom and sweep the leaves away.
  • Install water sprinklers that are the most water efficient for each use.
  • If you have a swimming pool, consider a new water saving filter.
  • Get native plants, which don not need to be watered as often.