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February 2016

Spring is coming!

The warmer temperatures (at least in Alaska!) are a great reminder that spring is on its way. Don't forget to contact the office and check with the therapists for Spring Break scheduling. If your child's appointments are usually held at school, those appointments can be moved to the clinic or cancelled. There are also opportunities throughout Spring Break for additional appointments to be scheduled - give us a call for more information.
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We know how mysterious acronyms and abbreviations can be to families that are new to ABA (applied behavior analysis), so we are going to begin to help you all decode our behavior lingo every month.

This month's definition is from Behaviorspeak: a Glossary of Terms in Applied Behavior Analysis.

ABC Description: A description of a response in terms of the Antecedent (A), Behavior (B), and Consequence (C) of the response. An ANTECEDENT is the stimulus that immediately precedes the behavior. The BEHAVIOR is a description of the response in terms of its topography. The CONSEQUENCE is the immediate outcome of the behavior. Also called the three-term contingency.

We are hoping that through these monthly definitions, we can all take one step further in developing clear communication between families and therapists.

What is a R.B.T?

The Registered Bahvior Technician (RBT) is a credential for working in behavioral settings. RBTs maintain records with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, or BACB. The RBT is the direct link between the client and behavioral program. RBTs proved direct implementation, or running behavioral programs designed by a behavior analyst supervisor. The RBT runs the programs, collecting data directly.


There are several exciting events coming up in the Behavior Matters & STAGES communities. Here's an overview of activities for you and your family to participate in this month.

Fundraiser for S.T.A.G.E.S. of Learning Center

Keep Collective is a fully customizable jewlery collection. Follow the link to check it out and support our school.

Night to Shine - Nebraska and Alaska!

Night to Shine is an incredibly fun opportunity for people ages 16 and up with special needs to enjoy prom. The Tim Tebow Foundation sponsors this prom night in 48 states and 8 different countries. Anchorage's Night to Shine will be located at ChangePoint Church on Friday, February 12. If you know someone who would be interested in attending prom, visit or contact ChangePoint Church for more info. Nebraska's Night to Shine will be located at Harvest Church in Norfolk (also on Friday, February 12). More information on this prom can be found at or by contacting Harvest Church.

For this event to run smoothly, there is also a need for volunteers. Anyone over the age of 17 can volunteer to help make this night extra special. If you need a little bit of encouragement or inspiration to step in as a volunteer, check out Tim Tebow's interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (February 3) or grab a copy of this month's Delta Sky Magazine to read more about Night to Shine.

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Haircuts at Behavior Matters - Alaska

Behavior Matters and STAGES of Learning students - we are excited to have Chad Frichtl, hair stylist and autism extraordinaire, coming in for hair cutting sessions! Chad will be at the Behavior Matters Clinic and STAGES Center this coming Monday (Febrary 15) from 10AM until 4PM. The cost for a haircut is $20.00, and you can sign up in the office for an appointment with Chad.

Anchorage Community Family Night

On Saturday, February 20 from 5:00-8:00PM, Special Olympics Alaska will be hosting an evening of fun to celebrate families, athletes, and coaches in Anchorage. There will be karaoke, dancing, and pizza at the Special Olympics Alaska building located at 3200 Mountain View Drive, 99501. Any questions can be sent by email to

AKBIDA Technology Workshop

The Alaska Branch of the International Dyslexia Association is offering a hands on workshop to demonstrate how apps and technology can assist in the learning process. The cost is $3 for an individual or $5 for a family. You can bring your own laptops, tablets, phones, etc. There will be a small number of devices available if you cannot bring your own. The first hour of the workshop will consist of an overview of helpful apps, and the second hour will be a time to test out the apps. This event will be held at the BP Energy Center (900 East Benson Blvd., Anchorage) on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:00PM.

Temple Grandin Conference Appearances - Alaska and Nebraska

World-renowned author and speaker Temple Grandin will be visiting Alaska at the end of February and Nebraska mid-March.

On February 29, 2016, Temple Grandin will be speaking at the first annual conference hosted by the Autism Society of Alaska. This event will consist of a full day of presentations and breakout sessions with multiple opportunities to hear Dr. Grandin speak. The whole event runs from 9:00AM until 8:00PM, and registration is available at the following site:

On March 11, 2016, Temple Grandin, along with her mother (Eustacia Cutler) and Dr. Jim Ball (BCBA), will be speaking at an autism conference in Omaha, Nebraska. The venue is yet to be determined. This event will run from 7:00AM until 4:30PM. Registration is now available at



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