Advanced Applicant Search

  • Before candidates can be considered for hire, they must be preferred for a role. Use the Advanced Search tab to locate a specific pool of applicants
  • For instance, if the district is trying to fill a unique position, such as a CPR-certified elementary school teacher who can teach Spanish, the advanced search option allows you to search for only relevant criteria, such as roles (Spanish Teacher) and certifications (CPR).

  • The criteria you define can be saved as a Search Profile, allowing district staff to quickly identify job applicants for frequently filled positions. See Performing a Profile-Based Search.
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Adding Search Criteria

The following steps describe the general procedure of adding search criteria to the Search Data panel and performing a search.

  1. In the Advanced Search tab, select one of the filters from the Search Criteria panel. Depending on the filter you select, either the tab will show new fields and buttons or you will be taken to a new tab.
    1. The filters listed in the Search Criteria panel consist of a combination of Non-Filter and Dependent search criteria. See Defining Search Criteria.
  2. Complete the required fields for the filter you select.
  3. If the filter you chose took you to a new screen, click either the Save and Continue button or the Save button. If you remained on the Advanced Search tab when you chose the filter, click the Add Criteria button to add the criteria to the Search Data panel on the Advanced Search tab.
  • Adding search criteria to the Search Data panel removes the category from the Search Criteria list.
  1. When you are finished adding criteria, click the Search button. If the system finds any matches, the Search Results tab appears.

To remove existing criteria, click the item in the Search Data panel and click the Remove button. This action removes the item from the profile.


Once you define a set of search criteria, you can save it as a profile to use later. See Working with profiles.

Types of Search Criteria

There are two types of search criteria: Dependent and Non-Filter. Dependent search criteria must be paired with Non-Filter criteria to produce a meaningful search. For example, if you selected Application Date as a criterion, you would also need to select a Non-Filter criterion, such as Role.

Dependent Criteria are:

  • Application Date
  • Credit Hours
  • Employee Transfer Type
  • Languages
  • Locations
  • Skills
  • Tests

Non-Filter Criteria are:

  • Certifications
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Licenses
  • Published Roles
  • Roles