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May 19, 2021

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Greetings from the Health Office!

I hope that everyone is getting a chance to enjoy this warm spring weather and sunshine! With the warmer weather comes the resurgence of ticks. Some helpful tips to prevent tick bites and Lyme disease are to:

  • Perform daily tick checks
  • Avoid brushy and wooded areas when outdoors
  • Wear long sleeved, light colored shirts
  • Wear pants with your socks tucked in
  • Use insect repellent when outdoors

If you find a tick bite on you, monitor for flu like symptoms and/or a rash for up to 30 days after the tick bite. Contact your child’s pediatrician if they develop any of these symptoms after a recent tick bite. Please visit the following website for additional information on ticks: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/tick-borne-educational-materials

Required 4th Grade Physical Exams

Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations require a physical examination, including documentation of immunizations, and vision screening in kindergarten, fourth grade, seventh grade and tenth grade, and for transfer students into any grade. This good health practice exists for the prevention and early detection of health problems as well as for the protection of all children in the public school system. For all students currently in 4th grade or 5th grade students that did not submit a physical due to the school closure last spring, please forward a copy of this physical exam at your earliest convenience. You may send in, email or fax a copy of these physical exams to lkilduff@nrsd.net, or via secure nurse fax at 978-965-3967.

Warm regards,

Lyndsey Kilduff, MSN, RN

School Nurse

Mary Rowlandson Elementary School

Phone: 978-365-5870

Secure Fax: 978-965-3967

Vaccine for 12-15 year old children

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In the Nashoba Community

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Class of 2021 Rolling Rally

Help send the class of 2021 off in a big way this year. Join the fun and cheer on the rolling rally on June 6th. The parade of students begins in Stow and will travel down Rt. 117, turning onto Main St. in Lancaster by MRE. The parade finishes as it passes the Lancaster Town Hall. The entire event is anticipated to go from 12:00 - 1:30. Come cheer on the Class of 2021!


Register online: http://www.nashobayfc.com/site/

See PDF for more details

Final Days: Stuffed Animal Drive

Hello! My name is Maura Hall and I am currently in my Junior year at Nashoba Regional High School. I am a member of the National Honors Society and I have been given the task of creating a project to help the community. I am hosting a stuffed animal drive with the recipients being NuDay Syria, a non-profit helping with the global humanitarian crisis, along with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and Toys for Local Children, both organizations to help kids in the local Boston area. The collections will begin on Friday, April 16th and run until Friday, May 28th. Any stuffed donations are greatly appreciated!

Collection Locations

  1. Hale Middle School, Stow

  2. Florence Sawyer Middle School, Bolton

  3. Nashoba Regional High School, Bolton

  4. Mary Rowlandson Elementary, Lancaster

  5. Luther Burbank Middle School, Lancaster

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